Ray J Releases ULTIMATE Kardashian Diss Track: He Stated What?!?

The amusing artist procedes to rap:

To wit:

9 People Made Famous through the Kardashians

Ray J on Love &amp Hip Hop

We do not always imply that he’s still deeply in love with his famous ex-girlfriend.

Apparently very upset with this portrayal, Ray J dropped his latest single on Apple Music on Monday…

“She f-ck me for fame, try looking in her eyes/She was the first ones to sign at risk.Inch

He’s claiming the program all along ended up being to release this sex tape towards the public and profit from future fame and royalties.

Ray J has become a married man.

We believe he was mostly talking about Kanye’s own “Famous” song, the main one whose music video featured a naked Ray J body double.

“Consider the family, they walk around proud/All because she’d my dick in her own mouth.”

“Wanna have me during sex when you f-ckin’ your partner,Inch Ray J continues. “Implies that you’ll still a rat as well as your man Donald Duck.Inch

Once more talking about the Kim Kardashian sex tape by which he performed a leading role, Ray J holds nothing in this vengeful song, which is stuffed with pointed, X-Rated lyrics.

That’s amusing!

But, for their own mental health, Ray J might be better offered to simply ignore it already.

He tied the know with someone named Princess Love this season, as upon Love &amp Rap: Hollywood.

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Also: LOL!

Ray J Poses

On the other hand… what exactly are we saying?!?

But it is obvious he’s never fully become over Kardashian.

We don’t have to explain what/who it was a mention of the, will we?

Some might assert this is not the optimum time for Ray J to be released with your scathing lyrics.

We are about six days taken off Kardashian getting been conned at gunpoint in Paris, while Kanye was hospitalized for psychological evaluation just hrs following this track went viral

Jonathan cheban and kris jenner

Within this excerpt, Ray J is stating his situation that Kardashian understood precisely what she was doing when she allow him to videotape their sexual encounter way in older days.

Ray J attempted to warn us.

You retain doing you, Ray J. Never change.

Within an interview with Billboard, Ray J opened up up concerning the song, which may be entitled “Famous,” and why he felt a necessity to be released by using it.

Like we stated: WOW.

About last month, word leaked that Ray J and Chris Brown were within the studio, cooperating on the track that will take Kim Kardashian, Kanye yet others to major task.

… and it is truly incredible.

But she’s clearly on his mind much more than is good. Performs this seem sensible, given how frequently she’s in news reports and given that you could argue she’s only in stated news because she spread her legs for Ray J on video?

The man just released an audio lesson by which he mocked the Kardashians to be all high and mighty and wealthy and proud, all because Kim once gave him a blow job.


“You can’t fault me and Chris for answering everything which have been done about us [in media during the last couple of several weeks,” the artist stated.

But we in some way doubt Ray J cares greatly.

This is actually the same man who also released a track in 2013 entitled “I Hit It First.”

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