Petersen to get extended treatment in murder situation – Bloomington Pantagraph

Nancy Petersen was stabbed four occasions — three occasions within the chest and when within the left arm — as she sitting inside a chair within the family room in This summer 2016. Her husband left the bed room as he heard her screams and it was stabbed 10 occasions, including wounds to his back and shoulder.

Also, he might be released if doctors determine he’s retrieved sufficiently to go back to the city.

The condition determines which mental health facility Petersen is going to be housed set for treatment. The condition will submit periodic progress reports towards the court. 

Soon after his arrest, Petersen was discovered psychologically unfit to face trial but he was restored to fitness several several weeks later. A physician hired within an agreement between your condition and defense figured that Petersen was insane during the time of the killings.

A order from the court approving John Petersen’s treatment was finalized Friday in McLean County Circuit Court.

An assessment posted towards the court in March suggested that Petersen go inside a secure setting for longer treatment. Under Illinois law he might be limited for existence inside a condition facility — the sentence he’d have obtained if charged of murder.

On Friday, Petersen, that has been identified as having paranoid schizophrenia, nodded her head towards the judge he understood a legal court proceedings.

BLOOMINGTON — A Bloomington man found not liable by reason of madness within the stabbing dying of his parents in This summer 2016 will get extended mental health treatment inside a condition facility.

Defense lawyer John McEldowney stated he’s “guardedly optimistic Brian’s likely to recover. But he’s a lengthy road ahead in line with the nature of products.Inch

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