Oppo & Vivo – How Lengthy They’ll attend Top Position in Indian Smartphone Market?

After China, the brands Oppo &amp Vivo have a huge market and almost at the very top position in Indian market. But, how lengthy they’ll continue being at the very top? It’s what we will discover soon.

Aside from selfie smartphones, both companies haven’t proven any innovation in other segments. But, both brands have occupied a substantial share of the market not due to their phones, however with the influencer marketing. As already pointed out within my previous article, both brands have invested substantial funds in aggressive marketing which brought these to attend the top but exactly how lengthy that will work?

On the other hand, Oppo &amp Vivo made profits utilizing the same marketing technique. They’ve invested greater than what LeEco spent and heavily promoted their smartphones both online &amp offline. A few years back, nobody even heard the company Vivo, however the company is sponsoring IPL. It seems sensible that, both companies have experienced profits not only in the Indian smartphone business, however in a number of other ways [In the parent brand BBK Electronics]. It’s exactly that the phones they’re creating Indians aren’t sufficient. Creating a front camera being an USP in each and every smartphone makes no sense.

Oppo &amp Vivo Offline Branding, drawn in Tirupati

Should you consider the competitor phones, a number of them have smartphones whose front camera may take stunning selfies than both of these brands together offering. It’s just they’re hidden as every commercial the thing is are full of the advertisements from Oppo &amp Vivo. But, nothing can stop person to person publicity. To be truthful, I’ve not heard any technology blogger recommending the smartphones from Oppo &amp Vivo. So, till they reveal some innovation within their smartphones [excluding the so-known as selfie-centric cameras] Personally i think they’ve to generate another online marketing strategy to market their phones.

Let’s keep Oppo &amp Vivo aside, and discuss LeEco, the company that created good quality phones, but unsuccessful to maintain on their own promises. They designed to disrupt the marketplace, and everybody knows what they’re thus far. Many skillfully developed speculated countless causes of their downfall in India, however the first &amp primary reason is spending cash lavishly. Although it was intended for marketing, no influencers make any tries to bring positivity towards the brand. Exactly the same after purchase issues ongoing, and it is still the nightmare to a lot of companies.

Should you remember, at a particular time, Hugh Jackman, endorsed Micromax Canvas series, and many of his advertisements went viral. But, the company couldn’t live sufficient. In the same manner, even when some top Bollywood celebrity endorsed a smartphone whose USP is identical selfie camera, well, I believe it’s just a total waste of money.

May be the Finish Near for Oppo &amp Vivo?

Another brands like Asus, Huawei, and the most popular Xiaomi are coming with innovative products while both of these brands got stuck with similar selfie smartphones. When the brands still stick to the same trend, In my opinion they kinda take some other intends to be lucrative! As already described, the main difference these brands using the LeEco is utilizing exactly the same aggressive marketing technique inside a proper way. But, they’re not Apple-branded, and when the consumer will get to understand about the build-quality and also the after-sales, they’ll surely regret purchasing the phones. Not really a high profile endorsement may bring them sales.

Well, I wouldn’t say they’re close to finish, but when they continue on a single online marketing strategy, Personally i think they won’t prosper like now. The primary factor may be the Indian consumers, as well as for them, the primary USP is definitely prices, and it’ll continually be prices for any better performance phone.

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