Officials confirm a case of legionnaires ‘ disease at the facility

CHICAGO (AP) — Officials say a patient at a mental health facility in southern Illinois has tested positive for legionnaires ‘ disease.
the Illinois Department of Human Services said in a Wednesday statement that the patient at the Chester Mental Health Center has been treated and is in a stable state. The agency has received the results of the test on Tuesday.
he says He is working with the Illinois Department of Public Health to determine the source of the bacteria, as well as monitor the other patients. Legionnaires ‘ disease is contracted by people who inhale the vapour of the infected water.

The IDHS statement says, there are about 300 cases reported each year in Illinois.
the Most Read StoriesUnlimited Digital Access. $ 1 for 4 weeks.The attention of the Public in recent months has focused on the Illinois Veterans Home in Quincy, where Legionnaires ” contributed to the death of more than a dozen residents from 2015.

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