Nine full boxes and COMIC books to put under the tree at Christmas

It-is-come the-time-of intééégraaaaaaaaleuuuuh ! A few days of Christmas and after you have suggested to offer some of the classics of the COMIC strip, Pop Up comes to save the setting to the laggards of the less mowed down by offering nine full and boxes of comics published recently and which will be their effect under the christmas tree. The heavy, literally and figuratively.

“Big Foot” of Nicolas Dumontheuil

It’s about what ? At the beginning of the Twentieth century, Zeb and Ned, two bounty hunters across Montana are hired by the beautiful Magic Child. This funny indian hair nymphomaniac (and not so indian that it is in the footsteps of her sister disappeared. Between behavioral disorders, debauchery, and shamanism, this trio of nickel plated feet mixed draws us into her adventures totally crazy. No wonder, Big Foot is a BD freely adapted from a novel by the American Richard Brautigan, written in 1974 to “make fun” of his friends.

Who is it for ? Fans of western non-conventional (the others have any interest to turn to Undertaker) and surrealism. The Forest foxes hanged, the other adaptation by Dumontheuil of a novel (Finnish this time) is a good example of the humour of its author. A must have (to be reserved for big teens and adults, it is still olé olé).


Big Foot, complete version of Nicolas Dumontheuil, ed Futuropolis, 232 p., about 30 euros.

“A Silent Voice by Yoshitoki Oima

It’s about what ? Disability and harassment in the school environment. Because when Shoko, a girl who’s born deaf, arrives in her new primary school, it immediately aroused the attention of his comrades. Especially that of Shoya, a young boy who will gradually transform this interest in bullying, bringing with him all his class. But this behavior is going to gradually turn against him, turning the executioner into a victim.

Who is it for ? For all, of course. Because, in addition to the universality of the topics, A Silent Voice cries all the malaise of young Japanese. In a society that requires them to fit in at any price and above all, never to show his weaknesses in daring to ask for help, A Silent Voice is a breath of fresh air that reminds us of the virtues of friendship and communication. An ode to tolerance is essential.

A Silent Voice - Coffret

Box set (A Silent Voice de Yoshitoki Oima, the seven volumes, ed Ki-oon, 1152 p., approximately 46 euros

“Hip Hop Family Tree” by Ed Piskor

It’s about what ? The history of hip-hop, this amazing counter-artistic movement born in the streets of the Bronx in the late 70’s, and today became the mainstream genre of music on the planet. A movement aristique complex that mixes DJ’s, MC’s and graffiti artists and the American Ed Piskor tells us through its BD ultra documented.

Who is it for ? We’re not going to lie, for the passionate by this cultural revolution, and music that many of us have lived very (too) far away. Reading it is strongly advised to supplement with Hip Hop Evolution, the excellent documentary series on the same subject, available on Netflix.


Coffret Hip Hop Family Tree, volumes 1 and 2, 1975-1983 Ed Piskor, ed Papa Guédé, 224 p., about 54 euros.

“Lupus” of Frederik Peeters

It’s about what ? Tony and Lupus have two passions : fishing and drug. Aboard of their old ship dilapidated, these childhood friends embark on a road-trip interstellar will soon be disturbed by their encounter with the beautiful Sanaa. An adventure story is dominated by the emotion that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Who is it for ? All those who have not yet had the happiness to discover this major work by the Swiss Frederik Peeters, published in the early 2000s, between Blue Pills and Aâma. The good news ? This full version of 2017 is not only less expensive than the previous (out of print), but it has more coverage and a model modernized.


Lupus, integral, 2017 Frederik Peeters, ed Atrabile, 400 p., about 36 euros.

“Strangers in Paradise” Terry Moore

It’s about what ? The wanderings love of three friends, Katchoo, Francine and David, narrated by the American, Terry Moore and published during almost fifteen years in the United States. Away from the comedy sentimental, Strangers in Paradise deals with topics as serious as prostitution or rape. A cult piece, nominated for an Eisner Award, which was finally entitled to its full in French (in the form of three huge cobblestones), published in the editions Delcourt.

Who is it for ? Fans of graphic novels who like to take the time. Strangers in Paradise is best enjoyed by small keys to better discover all the flavours. Perfect to spend the winter under a blanket. The third and final volume of this complete monster of more than 2000 pages will be published in 2018.

Strangers in Paradise, complete 1 and 2 by Terry Moore, ed Delcourt, 1440 p., about 85 euros for the two.

“Silas Corey” by Fabien Nury and Pierre Alary

It’s about what ? On paper, Silas Corey is a spy in the service of France. Or a rogue that sells his services to the highest bidder, it depends on your point of view. An Arsène Lupin dandy is pulled at four pins, flanked by his faithful servant, that frog in the grim surroundings of the end of the first world war. Sometimes mandated by Clemenceau for dismantling of a spy network in German, sometimes in the service of a rich merchant of arms in the article of death. Under the Polish history, the big show sequences with a readability breathtaking, carried by a Pierre Alary, very comfortable in this narration disheveled. Was wondering why this series has had only two cycles before being placed in the ray integrals.

Who is it for ? Lovers of BD survitaminées who were still in the background, and fans of albums that we close almost breathless by the pace of the story.


Silas Corey, integral cycle 1 and 2 of Fabien Nüry (screenplay) and Pierre Alary, ed Glénat, 288 p. about 60 euros for the two volumes.

“Only” by Bruno Gazzotti and Fabien Vehlmann

It’s about what ? One morning, five young people wake up absolutely alone in the city of Fortville. The city is deserted, all the adults have disappeared into thin air. Over the good or bad encounters, our heroes begin to unravel the true from the false. After a first round full of revelations, the writer Fabien Velhmann slows down the pace and leaves the reader to marinate more in a plot, also always opaque. Outcome (and responses to the many tracks left for the moment without response) provided around the volume 20.

Who is it for ? For all those who already own the full cycle 1. The story is sufficiently complicated that it deserves to be read from A to Z.


Only, full cycle 2 of Bruno Gazzotti and Fabien Vehlmann, ed Dupuis, 224 p. about 28 euros.

“The wrath of Fantômas” Olivier Bocquet and Julie Rocheleau

It’s about what ? Forget the blue mask of Jean Marais and the histrionics of Louis de Funès, Olivier Bocquet and Julie Rocheleau return to the sources of the myth. And to the sources of the monster. Found in their Wrath of Fantômas the rage that animates “master of evil” in the novels by Souvestre and Allain, who had made a sensation at the beginning of the century. Olivier Bocquet, a prolific screenwriter who has an episode of the Transperceneige , or the very successful youth series Frnck, sketch, small touches to the behind the scenes of a break-in sophisticated where the policeman Juve and the journalist Fandor racing against the clock to thwart the designs of Fantômas. A sense of urgency, emphasized by the drawings dry and nervous cartoonist canadian Julie Rocheleau – which offers a colorization of all beauty. Pity that the coverage of the all-wheel-reflects less than those of the volumes separated.

Who is it for ? Has put in all the hands, experts of novels police officer to the fans of Louis de Funès who will discover another piece of this masterpiece of the French culture.

Couverture - copie

The Wrath of Fantômas, full of Olivier Bocquet (screenplay) and Julie Rocheleau (design), ed Dargaud, 184 p., about 30 euros.

“Blake and Mortimer” by Edgar P. Jacobs

It’s about what ? The scientific scottish gruff, always pipe the beak, and the boss of the MI5 to the fine moustache blonde, you have necessarily heard of. Editions Niffle, specialized in the reissue of BD heritage, offer a new view on the work, proposing it in its entirety in black and white. If Edgar P. Jacobs produced its albums, in color (which pushes some fans to scream at the betrayal), the lover of franco-belgian can only remain speechless in front of the master of the flat black of the belgian cartoonist. Special Mention to The Yellow Mark, which was already the album the best-mastered of the author, who takes on a new dimension as well edited. Welcome the effort of the editor who offers two large volume at reasonable prices (the unit almost as expensive as the only reprint bibliophile of The Case Francis Blake…).

Who is it for ? Necessarily, for fans of Blake and Mortimer, which is when even the world. These funny birds have surely more editions of the adventures of the duo british in their library, and this new integral is not déparera not in the racks.


Black and Mortimer, integrals volume 1 to 6, and volume 7 to 12 by Edgar P. Jacobs, ed Niffle, 336 and 360 p., about 53 euros the volume.

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