Newcastle United’s future depends entirely on one man – Mike Ashley

Newcastle may have a future as bright as a sunny day in the Sahara or black as a pit shaft at midnight. It all depends on the man. No, not Islam Slimani scoring goals to keep or Martin Dubravka in the production of a string of clean sheets to do it his way. Not even Rafa Benitez stay where his heart and loyal fans of residence. It depends on someone who will not stay. A man is the immediate future of a grand old football club in its grip, and Mike Ashley.

Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley
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Joey Barton, once of this parish, under Ashley’s reign, that is, someone who has angered me many times, but he just died this week when he said that the Kingdom will never be the club, they should be as long as a despised owner remains responsible. Let me ask you a question: if Newcastle reached absolutely nothing but relegation when Ashley was interested in the money-making club, why should they prosper or even survive now, he is looking to sell? This is what I worry about would Ashley still be here in the summer. Learn More
he admits that he will not (can not, he says) to continue to fund operations at SJP and insists on the fact that he wants to sell. This after in his previous rare statement that he told us, without batting an eyelid, that he was going to stay until Newcastle won something . . . which of course included winning the Champions League qualification via a top-four finish. Aye, and it is a pink pig flying past the window! Must – avoid relegation this season, under Rafa, but Ashley remained during the summer, the next season will be just as dark as this one. And it would probably be at dawn without Benitez.

Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley, left, and former Newcastle United midfielder Joey Barton
I paint too dark a picture? Joey Barton does not believe, and I believe that the majority of Geordies don’t think so. This is the major problem currently facing a rocky club. On the other hand, to obtain Ashley out of carrying a suitcase full of money and United can become the giant, he should be playing in a magnificent stadium in front of 50,000 passionate fans. No club, I repeat no club in this country can surpass Newcastle in terms of loyal fan base. No Manchester City or United, Liverpool or Spurs, Arsenal or Chelsea. Learn More
They have all won a lot of things to encourage supporters while the Magpies have won nowt for nearly half a century. This is not a sleeping giant it is a dead body! The problem is finding someone capable of thinking or of outfoxing Ashley during the negotiations to buy the club, what it is, Kingdom-owner is not impetuous always a part of the fun. More an immovable rock. After that someone should reach that Amanda Staveley has been unable to we hope that the new owner has the best intentions of Ashley because it is not a guarantee. Therefore, a lot of football the opa began in optimism and ended in a bitter disappointment. The second part of the equation – the pedigree of the buyer – is also important for Ashley to leave. We can’t simply assume that that is coming will be automatically creator of dreams.

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