New Romanian government receives parliamentary approval

A brand new Romanian government brought by Social Democratic PM Sorin Grindeanu received parliamentary approval on Wednesday, promising to create Romania “normal”. Grindeanu’s team, selected – such as the pm – by Social Democratic Party leader Liviu Dragnea, offered during preliminary proceedings today a number of hints on where the action of government is heading, past the official government planning announced through the PSD.

In public places statements in the last a few days, Liviu Dragnea makes obvious he’s the de facto mind from the government formally headed by Grindeanu. Dragnea themself couldn’t are a symbol of office after his party won the overall elections in December, because Romanian law prevents individuals with criminal sentences to carry government office. This past year, Dragnea received a suspended sentence for electoral fraud.

The Grindeanu government figures 26 ministers – quite many even by Romanian standards – a lot of whom happen to be facing or were subjects of controversies in the last many years. Included in this are:

Plus they consistently dodged any mention of combat corruption and issues for example major infrastructure projects, while sticking with the state PSD government program which promises lower taxes, greater incomes and some other type of benefits for a number of parts of people.

However in statements produced in Parliament today, he claimed the action of government wouldn’t be made the decision in the party headquarters, but through the government itself.

  • a Muslim lady near to the PSD leadership who was simply the very first nomination for PM following a latest general elections, but that has been rejected through the President she’s married to some Syrian businessman attached to the Assad regime she now can serve as deputy PM
  • a communist-era diplomat – now came back in the helm from the Foreign Ministry – who went after a political career within the last twenty five years and that has been harshly belittled for his stance within the 2014 presidential elections, marked by major irregularities within the organisation of voting in Diaspora
  • a politician seen among the brains before a significant parliamentary push against judiciary reform and profile graft investigations in the past he was now named Justice minister
  • a minister that has been under criminal analysis
  • a minister who was simply ousted from lower government ranks lately for incompetence-related reasons
  • the very first former official to possess been ignored within the wake of a hearth disaster that wiped out a large number of individuals 2015
  • a professor who was simply withdrawn his authority to guide PhD studies due to irregularities in the own academic career

Earlier today, the nominees faced preliminary proceedings in parliamentary commissions, where these were treated inside a friendly manner, having a limit of just 30-minutes for every session, including their speeches and questions from MPs.

Individually today, Romanian Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea announced today that on Thursday he’d use the Constitutional Court to challenge the constitutionality of the law dating back 2001, which bans sentenced crooks to carry government office – out of the box Dragnea’s situation.

Plus they either known intends to lower judicial checks on mayors or stopped lacking freely acknowledging intends to alter the law in a way that PSD leader Dragnea along with other criminally sentenced people become people from the government. This kind of amnesty allows Dragnea to get PM soon.

295 MPs – 63 greater than the minimum threshold – voted in support of the brand new government with 133 against.

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