Mother Continues Tear-Filled Rant Against “Norf Norf”

“But like a mother … man,” she states.

Most importantly among the woman’s kids is incorporated in the background as the lady is reciting lyrics about running in the police, getting plenty of sex and doing drugs.

Christian Mother Continues Tear-Filled Rant Against Against “Norf Norf,” Offensive Music

Toward the finish from the video, the emotional mother does clarify that they isn’t condemning the DJs playing the background music (“I realize there is a job to complete,Inch she states)… or perhaps the individuals who participate in it.

“I have gotta collect myself since this is what our youth has been exposed to,” she states just before studying the song’s lyrics, word-by-word.

We don’t wish to cause any mass panic, but…

Which is in which the video will get come to another degree of viral masterdom.

Mom then pleads along with other parents to “be conscious that what your children are hearing can have an affect on their lives.”

Understandably, Twitter were built with a field day using the footage…

Like a mother, the lady states the track “infuriated” her, despite the “cuss words bleeped out.”

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In reality, the lady is not creating a terrible point.

But each parent should most likely not record a relevant video of themselves reciting the R-Rated lyrics to individuals songs on the web. It simply invites ridicule.

Mom is especially shocked because her 11-years old daughter learns radio stations station under consideration and “I couldn’t even believe the language which i was hearing.Inch

Trust us. You won’t regret doing this.

She’s worried about what her children are hearing and also the messages they are receiving and that is perfectly reasonable and valid.

The recording includes a self-described Christian mother of 4 who first explains her morning routine and just how she drives her kids to college and just how she typically learns Christian radio.

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STOP WHATEVER You Do Watching The Next VIDEO.

That’s really a good factor to state and advise. Each parent should absolutely know the music their children are hearing.

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(The “hoes need abortions” lines are where she really loses it.)

“I’m raising four little women, which just breaks me that that’s the type of music that’s being performed.

But she cries hysterically while studying the language to “Norf Norf” aloud for minutes at any given time.

To highlight her point, the lady proceeds to recite lyrics towards the entire song, breaking lower at certain lines she appeared to locate misogynistic and violent, including lyrics about abortions, guns and gang-banging.

You can realise why the recording continues to be shared a lot of occasions on social networking.

For reasons uknown, though, she’d another station on a single recent morning and also the station performed Vince Staples “Norf Norf.”

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