Maraina : the LPA denounces a lack of transparency

reaction. After reading the article in the’JIR yesterday on the report of the chamber of the regional accounts, the LPA publishes a press release in which it welcomes modestly to see the CRC to say “what we say for years”.

“The PCPA has often challenged the Region, the main shareholder and customer of the SPL on this management by alerting about the waste of public funds and denouncing the lack of transparency,” recalls Karine Nabeneza in a press release.

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And added : “the SPL Maraina lives under infusion of funds from the Region. It is the double penalty for the money of the Reunion : the Region is funding to the tune of 1.3 million euros the capital of this structure is driven by Fabienne Couapel Sauret, elected close to Didier Robert, and on the other hand, she gives him the work is up to 97% of its order book. His financial situation is perplexing from the point of view of its management over the last six years as on the prospects to come.”

For Karine Nabeneza, the report of the CRC “puts the blade of a fund, the core issues of utility and performance of satellite regional”.

Another sensitive topic, the remuneration granted to different elected Ceo, Didier Robert and Fabienne Couapel Sauret. “It is obvious that they are a waste of public money”. According to the LPA, “The cost-effectiveness, reliability and viability of this structure are still not demonstrated to this day”.

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