Maci Bookout Reveals Tragic New Information on Ryan Edwards’ Drug Abuse

Maci’s always attempted to push Ryan to become a more active father to Bentley, therefore if she’s prepared to follow this path, it’s obvious that they believes situations are very, horrible.

“I am not necessarily sure exactly just what he’s using,” she admits, “but may he’ll go to sleep while you are trying to possess a conversation with him.”

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Therefore we still have no idea precisely what Ryan’s in rehab for now, though his ex-girlfriend, Dalis Connell, claimed he visited rehab this year for mistreating prescription discomfort killers.

The counselor then asks her if she’d be prepared to issue some kind of ultimatum to him — the suggestion he makes is law suit concerning the child custody of the boy, Bentley.

The counselor states it seems like Ryan’s parents enable his inappropriate behavior, and Maci readily concurs.

Within the episode, Maci broke lower to Might Face and Catelynn Lowell during visit to Puerto Rico.

Possibly we’ll receive another update after Monday night’s episode, because Maci gets real concerning the matter once more.

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“I am wishing it does not reach that time,Inch she states, “but that might be the ultimatum.”

Poor Maci …

She also states that other occasions he’s “very wide-eyed, and that he does not look right.”

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Also, he states it seems like she gets a constant fight in front of her, and again, everybody concurs.

Ryan on Teen Mom OG

Rumors happen to be circulating for several weeks since Ryan was using — there are not many other explanations for his bugged-out eyes and spacy behavior — but Maci Bookout lately confirmed things with an episode of teenybopper Mother OG.

But, she acknowledges, “Another facet of this too is if I am restricting use of him, then I am also going to need to do this together with his parents, because they are virtually the only caregivers in our boy when he’s together with his father.”

Inside a new sneak look for that approaching episode, Maci calls a therapist to obtain some tips about how to cope with Ryan.

Guess that’s among the disadvantages in being high constantly, huh?

Maci Bookout, Ryan Edwards and Bentley

Maci informs the counselor that they has not talked to Ryan directly about things, however that she does would like to get him help.

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She also expressed anxiety that Ryan would die from his drug abuse, which means you know everything is dire.

Soon after the episode aired, Ryan did look at rehab, and so far as we all know, he’s there.

Each time we hear something totally new about Ryan Edwards and the recently revealed drug abuse, things just get even worse.

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She cried, stating that she’s alone in Ryan’s existence so what about getting him clean — his parents and the then-fiancee, Mackenzie Standifer, were not pushing him to obtain help.

And thus does everybody who’s ever viewed a chapter of teenybopper Mother.

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