“License Winter Games Star Lesley Murphy Is Back on TV, a few Months After the Life-Changing Surgery

The Bachelor of the Winter Games is here!
ABC’s sports on the theme of love to the competition of the series of creations, a Tuesday, and we’ll see a lot of familiar faces from The license of the universe, including some regressions!
A woman is Lesley Murphy, who was the last to TELEVISION Sean Lowe’s season of the Bachelor. AND caught up with the travel blogger competition the Bachelor for the Winter Games and the life-changing surgery she had, a few months before the shooting.
AND: Why return to TV for the Bachelor Winter Games? You have never been to Bachelor in Paradise.
Lesley Murphy: I did not go to Heaven because to me it’s just a bunch of drinking on a beach, and that was not just luck of the draw for me, but it brings so many different cultures, so a lot of various competitions. When they asked me to go on it, I had immediately the good gut reaction to the subject. The show was fun, competitive, and romantic in a winter wonderland.
What can you tell us about how the Winter Games actually works?
I best described as Bachelor Pad, Bachelor in Paradise, and survival a little to have a baby. There are about four competitions, the more [a] during a ceremony of the rose. [The show] broke up in women’s heat, and one of the men’s the heat and the winner of two of these series gets a date card. They’re gold plated date cards.
How have to treat everyone with the language and cultural barriers, while living in a house together and the other day?
there was a lot of language barriers, especially with Yuki [Kimura] from Japan. And she’s going to steal the show. You can’t really understand what she was saying, and vice versa. She really fell for Ben [Higgins]. We are [a] rose ceremony and it is the kiss of competition, and different cultures deal with PDA differently. So we have Luke [Pell] and Stassi [Yaramchuk] — we are made to fuck in public in this competition and we have three judges from past seasons of The Bachelor — and that, for lack of a better word, are quite insensitive to the fact that every culture is the same. So there was a lot to Stassi kiss Luke in public, and those judges were just ringing to his fate, saying: “We have not seen any connection. We have not seen any chemistry.” But she was so empowering and stood up and he said, “You will not be ashamed of me. We don’t do that in my culture, and I’m not going to take your shame.” Micro drop! It was amazing.
That provides the greatest drama for the show?
a lot of it is going to be about Ashley I. and his significant other and their sexual chemistry. There has been a lot of background about it and we’re going to see that play again, perhaps in the fantasy suites.
How did people fare athletically?
there was not a lot of athletics on the slopes! We had a few Canadians and they killed him on just about everything. I don’t know what happened to the Americans. Dean [Unglert] done very well. He does this little stunt where he skis through the finish line around the back just to prove a point, but he grew up in Aspen, so he had a upper hand on everyone. Ben now lives in Denver, then it’s good enough.
Dean n’’t have the best reputation after the Bachelor in Paradise. How does he do it on the Winter Games?
Dean has done [shows] three times in the year and so he knows what he’s doing, but he also knows what he did wrong on the last one. We’ve seen out of Rachel season as this very good, but confused, young man. I don’t know what happened with the Paradise, but it was derailed. Now, cut to the level licensed to the Winter Games, yes, he has certainly redeemed himself. I think he knows what he did wrong.
There are rumors that you and Dean made a connection. How things end up for you? I’ve had the time of my life. I was up at the end, and you will see how it ends. There are four couples at the end of it. Not proposals. [There is a international relations.] They had a lot more heavy conversations to get through to the end, because how do you make this work? I left [the show] very, very happy.
You have this show after a great personal experience: You have chosen to have a double mastectomy after the discovery of you has the gene BRCA2 and the chronicle of your surgeries on social media. How was it? He has taught me a lot about what I’m looking for the future. At my first doctor’s appointment, I filmed it not really knowing what I’d do with the documentation. Maybe I’ll put it out there, maybe I won’t. And then, the International Women’s Day came about in March, and I was like, “What message can I put it?” And then it hit me like a brick wall. “Oh yes, I can spice this. Say this for all the world to see. This is what I do. This is what the year will look like. I’m not going to go to new and exciting destinations. I’m going to be in a comatose state in a hospital bed.” Which has taught me a lot about the openness and the genuine, and also the power of social media. I think that random strangers helped me to heal in ways I didn’t know that it was possible. I threw caution to the wind when I went on The Bachelor for the first time. I threw caution to the wind, when I left my job and started a travel blog. I threw caution to the wind when I did the surgery, even with Bachelor Winter Games. “Yeah, I haven’t been on TELEVISION in five years, but why not?!” I have done this before, I can do it again. New year, new me!
is it that you have a concern or any tough times to make these athletic activities, having gone through the surgery, last July?
It has taken some time to get back to where I was. I continued to try to push it and try doing these same exercises, and it was probably entirely too early. I’m not a very patient person, so I don’t give him a lot of time. But the human body is an amazing thing. He heals all day. When the producers asked me to come play at the Winter Games, and was like, “you Can even do it? You can even participate in these things?” By this point, my doctors had signed and everything: “Yes, do what you want. Your implants are going to be just fine.” It was a major surgery and I didn’t want to spoil anything … My plastic surgeon has done an excellent job of reconstruction and I don’t want to go back. What if I fall in alpine skiing? That has been a source of great concern, but it has not arrived!
This topic of dating after a double mastectomy and getting implants? Was that the first time you got romantic since the operation?
You make an excellent point! (Laughter.) I had an ex to me, who went through the surgeries with me, but we broke up during the second, so it was not really with me during the healing process. Cup license for the Winter Games. I could tell this story all day and I can be all for the early detection and screening early. But to tell someone that you are in love with and telling them what to possibly expect, I’ve never done this before. So that, in itself, was a little scary.
What were your big takeaways from the surgery?
I want people to know that, if they do come down with this diagnosis or this gene, they can definitely go through this surgery, it will be empowering after you’re on the other side. A bit the same with reality TV! If you have a good head on your shoulders and you’re not going to be the villain of a show, you can learn a lot about yourself. And by the opening, it is a weird thing, a therapeutic thing for reality TV. You are forced to speak of your emotions and who you are and where you want to be in the future. If you are going to continue on the path and not to go out of your comfort zone, how can you really grow? 2017 was a big year of growth, to ensure that — in more ways than one.
Baccalaureate degree for Winter Games on the first Tuesday at 8 pm EST/pst on ABC.

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