Law work : the event was a failure for 68% of the French

On Tuesday, the first mobilization against the reform of the labour Code, was attended by around 400,000 people in the entire Hexagon. For Philippe Martinez, general secretary of the CGT, it was ” a successful first ” .

But the majority of the French are not of his opinion : for 68% of them, this event was ” rather a failure “, according to a survey Odoxa-Dentsu Consulting for franceinfo and ” Le Figaro “. This will not prevent the movement of, perhaps, take the magnitude, consider half of the respondents.

Mélenchon, a figure of the protest

When asked about the consequences of the reform of the labour Code, the French are only 26% consider that it will have a positive impact on employment. 36% do not anticipate any impact and 38% a negative impact.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the leader of France insubordinate, displayed for 33% of the respondents as the personality is the most capable of embodying the opposition to the reform of the labour Code, in front of Philippe Martinez (13%), general secretary of the CGT, and Marine Le Pen (12%), the president of the national Front.

Far behind, the former PS candidate for the presidential election, Benoît Hamon does not convince that 3% of respondents as the best opponent to the reform, and Pierre Laurent, the national secretary of the communist Party of only 2%.

37% of respondents, none of these five figures does not embody the opposition to the reform of the labour code.

In the same survey, the French believe a majority (60%), which Emmanuel Macron was wrong to say that he ” would give nothing, or lazy, or cynical, or extreme ” about the reforms to come.

Source AFP

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