Kylie Jenner: You are Fat and This can be a Dirt on Sex With Scott Disick!

Girlfriend went and venting some pretty serious frustrations on her behalf application the 2009 mid-day. 

Y’all know Kylie does around the regular. 

“They are not big,” she lied. “I have considered [getting breast enlargements], but I am like, ‘Why ruin it?’ “

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Yeah, us too. Or whatever. 

Oh, okay. 

You realize you’re gonna watch this crap, right? Don’t allow us hold you up, proceed – indulge your saucy, seedy side. 

In short, yes. 

“I’ve great breasts naturally,” she ongoing, “and they are an adorable little size.”  

The same is true everybody else, Kylie. Everybody else. 

Kylie Jenner: Vacation Butt Selfie

It’s completely awesome, though, because Kylie stated she likes “the chunkiness.” 

She tripped up, however, and stated that they always “used” to like her jaw, which she never was self-aware of it. 

She also discussed her breasts, and just how she considered getting implants.  

Kylie Jenner: True or False?

“I am not against it, but at this time, it is a ‘no’ from me.” 

“Now,” she revealed, “I am pushing, like, 136.” Oh the horror. 

Don’t be concerned, though, since you remember how she denied, denied, denied the lip filler rumors? She’s thinking of doing exactly the same with boob job rumors. 

“I do not think I’ve the fattest ass,” she stated, “however i know my angles.” 

She also came clean about getting structural surgery completed to her face namely her jaw and her nose. 

“You realize, I had been 120 [pounds]. I had been really skinny.” Kylie, in situation you did not know, is 5’6″, and also the average weight for an individual of her height is approximately 118 and 154 pounds. Simply because, you realize, details. 

Kylie Jenner Boob Job Photos

Last, she touched upon her nose. 

The younger Jenner railed against putting on weight, revealed about her cosmetic surgery endeavors, and all sorts of around made an ass of herself in speaking about sleeping with Scott Disick. 

Kylie Jenner is apparently pissed that all the attention is on sister Kim Kardashian after her “traumatic robbery” (is the fact that still what we are calling it?).

About her weight, Kylie stated, “[I’ve not had] ass implants.” 

“I did not obtain a nose job,” she claimed. “I have always were built with a cute nose.” 

“I have always really loved my nose.” 

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What’s using the past-tense, girlie? 

She also filmed a relevant video where she revealed the reality behind sleeping with sister Kourtney’s boyfriend, Scott Disick. 

“You believe Kris Jenner, at 16 years of age, would allow me to get oral cavity and jaw rebuilding surgery?” she requested. 

“People began stating that [I received my jaw reconstructed and cheekbones sculpted] after i was 16,” she admonished. 

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Kylie Jenner and Her Lips: A Period of Untruths
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