Khloe Kardashian: Afraid of Lamar Odom’s Approaching Tell-All?!

Their “brand” was began having a sex tape Kim Kardashian created using Ray J. Just how much lower could they’re going?

Based on a resource, Khloe’s whole family is “very worried about this tell-all book,” and they’ve “arrived at to question to become sincere.”

Lamar with Khloe

And goodness knows he’s lots of material.

Maybe Lamar recognizes that he’s often a pretty supportive figure, and that he has dirt on Khloe he could twist to his advantage.

Recall the traditional times of Khlomar?

Which explains why it is a little surprising that Khloe is apparently losing it about the potential of Lamar writing a tell-all.

… Is the fact that said to be a shocker?

“Open about everything, everything that’s been happening within my existence! Concerning the details!” 

Lamar Odom

When requested precisely what could be incorporated in the story, he stated “Everything! Everything! Just everything!”

Sure, things ended terribly for Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom, you will find, it switched out that things weren’t really exceptional on their behalf, either.

“While Khloe and all of those other Kardashians attempt to live a great existence, they’re no saints.”

It’s difficult to state precisely what they are scared of.

But nonetheless, there is lots of love together, so when things were good, these were so great, you realize?

Which appears to matter.

Lamar Odom: A Period of Tragedy, Love, Loss … and Redemption?!

Lamar Odom and The Kardashians at Kanye West's Fashion Show

Or possibly since he was once so close with Take advantage of Kardashian, they know several things about him the family wouldn’t actually want to be produced public.

He sure appears looking forward to it, right?

“Like every family,” the origin continues, “they’ve skeletons within their closet that could seriously hurt their brand if revealed.”

“Lamar has spoken recklessly about her family previously,Inch the origin states, so “Khloe fears what major secrets he could reveal.”

It is also difficult to say whether Lamar will enjoy them.

He may also talk about the Kardashians.


Khloe has stated that they were able to keep lots of Lamar’s issues private for over we all know, and they have both been open about how exactly he cheated on her behalf.

He told Hollywood Existence the book could be an “life story of my existence,” which he’s “searching toward that.”

One thing’s without a doubt: i will be eagerly waiting for the discharge of all book Lamar releases from now before the finish of your time.

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To assist just a little, yes, Lamar has confirmed that he’s focusing on a magazine.

He could talk about his 2015 overdose, how he very nearly died inside a brothel. We suppose information could place some copies.

Left all alone

Typically, he’s been only sincere concerning the whole family — but he’s been very honest about how exactly upset he’s been about losing Khloe.

He could talk about his basketball career — several good and the bad there — and the troubled childhood.

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