Kailyn Lowry: Chris Lopez Will not Perform Teen Mother 2 Due to “Other Hoes”

Pointless to state, we do not think you will be hearing a great deal about Mr. Lopez this year.

“He doesn’t wish to be on the program,” Lowry states Lopez within the clip.

“It’s this type of not solid situation I don’t wish to discuss any one of it on television.Inch

Chris Lopez and Kailyn Lowry

Clearly, Chris does not exactly seem just like a stand-up guy, however, you almost need to admire that commitment level towards the player lifestyle.

And today it appears his dedication to the only existence is really he does not want MTV (and also the sizable paychecks it’s really no doubt offering) cramping his style.

She apparently thought the connection was serious and it was stunned by his response to being pregnant.

For that first several several weeks of being pregnant, Kailyn Lowry wouldn’t reveal the identity of her baby father.

Watch Teen Mother 2 online to understand more about Chris Lopez from individuals who aren’t Chris Lopez.

“He doesn’t want his other hoes to understand about me!”

Kailyn Lowry &quotBump Day&quot Photo

Eventually, we learned it had become another Delaware Condition College student named Chris Lopez who got Kailyn pregnant, however the man remains shrouded in mystery.

Actually, that’s precisely how Lopez prefers it.

Kailyn Lowry: Timeline of the Turbulent Teen Mother Existence

Whenever a friend of Kailyn’s describes Lopez like a “player,” Lowry reveals that he isn’t appearing on Teen Mother 2 while he fears it could hinder his other relationships. 

When Lowry’s first baby father, Jo Rivera, asks concerning the situation with Chris, Kailyn responds:

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Chris Lopez Picture

Inside a new preview for that show’s approaching season premiere, we see Kailyn open about Lopez the very first time on camera.

Sources near to the situation say Lopez left Lowry following a brief fling this past year.

Lopez has apparently decided to help with the finances, but wants no part within the child’s existence.

As it happens, she’s not loving his behavior as recently, and her buddies aren’t fans either.

“He doesn’t want his name on the program.”

Kailyn lowry jo rivera photo

And Kailyn wasn’t done complaining about Lopez, who apparently will have hardly any part within the existence of his child with Kailyn.

Once the friend asks whether it’s because he’s camera shy, Kailyn clarifies:

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