John Tortorella hopes Blue Jackets pay attention to their crappy victory music

What, Mr. Tortorella, are both you and your players thinking in front of Game 4?

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The Columbus Blue Jackets are facing elimination on Tuesday night as a result of the Pittsburgh Penguins, who’re up 3- within their first-round series.

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“You understand what we’re thinking? And That I just said excitedly: Among the finest them so that you can put that god damn radio on after tonight’s game at 10 o’clock. That’s all we’re worried about: To be ok with ourselves tonight, following this game. Then we’ll be worried about what the possibilities. We’re not really searching in a 3- … this team has performed very well this season and it has grown tremendously. I don’t would like them departing tonight not having a playoff win. After which we’ll discuss what we must do.

Meaning all of those other playoffs might be without seem bytes from coach John Tortorella. Fortunately, he colored a work of art in the game-day press conference.

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Afterwards within the press conference, Tortorella was requested about his goalkeeper, Sergei Bobrovsky, and just how important he’s in staying away from a sweep.

“Your goalie must be your very best player. The thing is it throughout the series through the League,” stated Tortorella. “So if we’re going to use that shit for music, Bob must be our very best player tonight.”

Probably the most delightfully quaint factor about all this is Tortorella calling the Jackets’ Bluetooth loudspeakers or whatever number of Music player they will use a “god damn radio.”

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“They play this crap for music whenever you are available in following the game. I would like them so that you can put that on and merely jam by using it. To allow them to feel better about themselves. Then we’ll made the decision how to overcome all of those other series after that.Inches

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