Jio4GVoice FAQs – The reinvented Jio Join Application

NO! Jio4GVoice application only supports Reliance Jio 4G or JioFi wi-fi. For those who have every other sim as primary sim, Jio4gVoice won’t attempt.

Because the launch of Reliance Jio, the Reliance Jio group of apps are leading the “TOP FREE” chart of Google PlayStore in India. In the top five free apps in PlayStore, only WhatsApp managed to get out there. All of those other 4 apps are members of Reliance Jio apps, Jio4Gvoice formerly the Jio Join Application finding yourself in 2nd position. A few several weeks back we authored articles regarding how to Enable VOLTE Calls in your 4G Phone using Jio Join application.

Cost: Free+

Reliance Jio4GVoice FAQsjio4gvoice-app-faqs

1.Reliance Jio4GVoice shows incompatible with my device on Playstore:

You don’t need to Open Jio Join application each time to create a call (aside from Mi devices). Simply make calls from phone dialer it instantly places through Jio4gVoice application. For those who have true caller/ true dialer enabled in your phone, Jio4GVoice application allow you to choose their native dialer because the default. Even though you don’t allow it to be like a default, you could call people from Jio SIM just by choosing the call from appropriate SIM, and it’ll instantly call through VOLTE.

2.I’ve got a 3G smartphone, can there be in whatever way to create Reliance JioJoin also known as Jio4GVoice work

Not a chance, Jio4GVoice works fine on the rooted smartphone using the Xposed framework. I’ve tested this in OnePlus One, Nexus 6p, Mi4i, and couple of other smartphones. Only when you alter IMEI of the phone, JioJ4GVoice will begin providing you with unpredicted errors.

3.Steps to make calls from Jio4Gvoice?

I’ve come across this problem a great deal in Xiaomi phones with MiUi which does not have VOLTE. Personally tested in Mi4i. Before the time Jio4GVoice application is running without anyone’s knowledge, you will preserve on getting incoming calls. Please make certain your phone’s settings [Start manager] doesn’t finish Jio4GVoice application once you let it rest running without anyone’s knowledge.

4.Can One use Jio4GVoice along with other carriers like Airtel or Vodafone?

Together with questions about the content, we’ve got lots of emails associated with Reliance Jio and the way to use Jio Join to allow VOLTE or Wealthy contacting a 4G phone. Compiling individuals questions we will share some Faq’s about Jio4GVoice, formerly referred to as Jio Join. While beginning the FAQ’s of Jio4GVoice, I’m presuming you already possess a Reliance Jio sim or you’re in the queue for the similar. Are you currently getting a 4G phone which doesn’t support VOLTE or are you currently getting a VOLTE phone which doesn’t support video calling (like OnePlus 3)? Then you’re at the best place!! If you’ve not installed the application, install now from Google PlayStore.

5.I do not find Jio4GVoice application in Apple AppStore?

Most likely this ends the Apple versus Android war here. 😛 Jio4G voice is solely on Google PlayStore with more than ten million downloads. Till date, there haven’t been any official bulletins for Jio4GVoice for iPhones, but MyJio Application can be obtained for iPhone. Also, see 2. to download the application in the third-party site.

6.Am I Going To be billed for VOLTE Calls produced from Reliance Jio4GVolte application?

Reliance Jio offers limitless calls together with Voice &amp HD or Wealthy calling from Jio Join also known as Jio4GVoice is completely free for lifetime. There’s no separate charge for “Group Conference Calls”.

7.Jio4G Voice doesn’t focus on my Rooted/Xposed 4G smartphone.

Speed is clearly controlled through the mobile phone network provider and you cannot do anything whatsoever. We’ve already reported the rate issue towards the Reliance PR, but we haven’t got any word from their store. Once, we obtain an answer, we’ll update the FAQ section.

8.I do not get incoming calls in 4G smartphone despite Jio4GVoice application being installed?

NO! Based on my experience, from things i tested, Reliance Jio sim wouldn’t get detected in just 3G enabled phones. There are plenty of web sites, discussing methods regarding how to enable Reliance Jio on any 3G smartphone. This is untrue. Regardless of what values you alter in Phone Info settings or even the application you download [per the secret sites], Jio Sim will not be detected in 3G phones.

9.Can One use Jio4GVoice for video bringing in VOLTE enabled smartphone which does not have Video bringing in stock dialer?

Well, these are the questions that people compiled associated with the Reliance Jio4GVoice application. For those who have every other query or anything else to include here, please tell us lower below within the comments section and we’ll update it on Jio4GVoice FAQs.

10.My Jio speed Sucks! Any solution?

Allow me to start with this, there are lots of sites and YouTube channels supplying the so-known as Jio Speed methods and causing you to feel sad because that never labored for you personally. To tell the truth, they all are cheating you and also they’re not able to cheat the Jio Network. Remember 6 in the past, there are lots of loopholes in systems and everybody utilizes them, although not any longer. If you notice someone claiming they are able to hack the Jio Network and download their trick to obtain speed, then it’s bullshit! Don’t trust or use them!

Hmm! This can be a strange bug that I’ve discovered within the Jio4GVoice application. Smartphones which does not have Video Bringing in stock dialer doesn’t work as expected with Jio4GVoice application. Should you set Jio4GVoice application because the default dialer, making any call from this, it redirects and calls from Stock Dialer, thus not providing you with the choice to allow video. So ironically for those who have VOLTE enabled smartphone you can’t use JioJoin or Jio4GVoice to create or receive calls. Till date, I haven’t had the ability to take action for this. I’d share the workaround here, after i think it is.

But, there’s one loophole or perhaps a bug which could allow you to bypass the information limit, but doesn’t boost the can examine the information usage on my small Jio Application, and you may begin to see the data reset time. For the majority of the users it’s 10PM &amp 10AM, if you restart every evening by 10PM or time which your computer data resetting happens, you may enjoy the 4GB again.  It isn’t employed by everybody, but working acceptable for me, plus they may fix the bug in the near future.

This sort of issue popups frequently because of the Android Operating System version &amp Manufacturer [OEM] of the smartphone. This could happen with any popular application on PlayStore. You are able to contact the developer together with your phone’s Make, Model, OS version, Build number along with other phone specific details, and they’ll repair it. Meanwhile, you could sideload the apk after installing came from here.

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