Jerusalem : with his veto, America has chosen to isolate itself from the rest of the world

“The United States blocked, Monday, December 18, a resolution of the security Council of the united Nations rejecting the recognition made by Donald Trump Jerusalem as the capital of Israel”, tells the Washington Post.

The resolution, submitted by Egypt, had been approved by fourteen countries members serving with the United States in the security Council, including the closest allies of Washington, London and Paris. The text demanded that the decision of the american president, made public on 6 December, be revoked, and stressed that the status of Jerusalem should “be resolved through negotiations”, continues the daily american.

After the veto pronounced by Nikki Haley, the representative of the United States to the united Nations, “the White House has announced that the Middle East tour by the vice-chairman Mike Pence, who was scheduled to start on Tuesday 19 December, was postponed to mid-January”. The us daily points out that after the declaration of the Trump on the subject of Jerusalem, the palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, announced that he would not meet with the american vice-president.

After the vote, the Palestinians have made known their willingness to ask for another ballot, this time to the general Assembly of the united Nations, which has 193 countries. Unlike the security Council, the organ of theUN does not offer a right of veto. However, his texts are non-binding.

In an editorial entitled “The world against America”, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida estimated that the u.s. veto “shows that the american administration does not maintain its role of main partner in the peace process, and that his support without restraint of the israeli colonization reflects its bias. America has also shown that she had chosen to isolate herself from the rest of the world. Finally, it also shows that she has no respect towards the decisions and international agreements, and that, now, she does not comply with the positions and decisions taken by the previous american administrations throughout the last twenty four years.”

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