Jacob Stockdale: Wife Swap Star Murders Mother, Brother Turns Gun on Self

“She loved simply parenthood and grandmother. She’d a powerful passion for learning and it was enthusiastic about her Christian belief, natural health, and organic farming.”

The Stockdales made their living traveling through the Midwest, performing like a family bluegrass band.

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Jacob’s 54-year-old mother, Katherine, and the 21-year-old brother James were pronounced dead in this area.

The famous fiddler, who made an appearance inside a memorable episode from the ABC reality series Wife Swap, is presently in critical condition.

Jacob was trasported to some nearby hospital via helicopter and it is likely to survive.

Stockdale also didn’t discuss set up remaining people from the Stockdale family – a parent and 2 sons – were in your own home during the time of the murders.

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The daddy, Tim Stockdale, issued an announcement about his late wife moments ago:

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Once they were in your own home, however, they went after a life-style of rural isolation and self-sufficiency, homeschooling their kids on the secluded farm where television, Internet, along with other modern conveniences were banned for religious reasons.

Stark County Sheriff George T. Maier declined to discuss in which the other physiques put together.

A police spokesperson states Jacob shot themself within an apparent suicide attempt just like deputies showed up in this area.

Jacob Stockdale was discovered in the door of the house, where he’d apparently been looking for police.

We’ll have further updates about this developing story as increasing numbers of information opens up.

There’s no official word on which brought towards the murders.

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Stockdale then switched the gun on themself, but apparently survived the blast.

Tragic news from Ohio today, as TMZ is reporting that 25-year-old Jacob Stockdale has murdered his mother and brother at the household’s home in Stark County.

Since 2004, the Stockdales have been traveling and performing like a band that, based on the website, “takes pride in discussing bluegrass north from the Mason-Dixon line.”

“Kathy continues to be my beloved wife of 32 many an excellent mother to the four sons,” he told local media outlets.

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Buddies from the family say Jacob never gave any suggestion of getting any hostility toward his parents or perhaps a inclination toward violence.

They performed as lately as Tuesday, coupled with concerts scheduled through the summer time.

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