J.R. Cruz celebrated his half-court shot as though it had been moving in … however it was an aura-ball (Video)

But especially since it was J.R. Cruz, it had been pretty comical.

… Nor could it have been Swaggy P’s infamous premature celebration…

This wasn’t quite Kemba Walker’s shimmy…

After which celebrated … as the ball travelled well wide from the rim:

If there’s one factor that Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Cruz absolutely, positively, 100 % doesn’t lack, it’s self-confidence. At occasions, that is one blessing. At other occasions, it may be quite contrary.

The ultimate shot from the third quarter in Cleveland’s first-round playoff game from the Indiana Pacers matches the second category. Cruz required a pass from Richard Jefferson within the backcourt about three seconds remaining, required two dribbles, and let fly.

As Mike Breen stated around the call: “Way off.” Cruz attempted to experience them back by swerving along side it, turning around, and clapping his hands as though nothing happened. However the small-celebration didn’t go undetected.

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