Indian marathoner who ran without water in Rio heat thought she’d die

“It is down to the organizers to supply water and drinks,” AFI official CK Valson told the Press Trust asia. “For there are water and stations through the course.”

For his or her part, the Athletics Federation asia is denying any responsibility for Jaisha’s insufficient liquids.

Jaisha finished the race in 89th place with a time period of 2:47.19. On your day the women’s marathon occured in Rio, temps arrived at 86 levels. The 33-year-old’s national record-setting duration of 2:34.43 in the 2015 World Titles in Beijing might have placed her 33rd in the Rio Games.

“We should be given drinks by our technical authorities, it’s the rule,” Jaisha told the PTI. “We cannot take water from the other team. I saw the Indian board there but there is nothing. I had lots of problem, I fainted following the race. I had been given glucose, I figured I’d die.”

Consequently, India sport minister Vijay Goel vowed to research the federation’s alleged negligence.

An Indian woman thought she would die after not provided enough fluids while running the marathon in “the scorching heat” at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic games a week ago, based on reviews.

Questioning the Athletics Federation of India’s efforts to supply liquids, O.P. Jaisha told the Press Trust asia, via BBC, she only received water from Rio organizers every eight kilometers, while others got water and drinks from authorities within their countries’ sports federations every two kilometers.

Valson put into the PTI, “We might have provided water and drinks to the athletes but neither they nor their coaches informed us they would want water and drinks individually.”

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