In luxury hotel, a window on Uganda’s bid to forget its troubled past – Christian Science Monitor

Ryan Lenora Brown’s confirming from Uganda was based on the Worldwide Women’s Media Foundation.

Actually, because he highlights, Uganda has couple of publish-colonial public memorials, and nearly nothing– schools, hospitals, roads – is known as for that military dictators who preceded Leader Yoweri Museveni, as if history started anew your day he found energy in 1986.

The promise is made from the symbolic standpoint – just beneath the president’s ft lay the labyrinth of basement offices in which the security forces of Amin and fellow military dictator Milton Obote tortured and interrogated people from the opposition. The grass outdoors were exactly the same ones where, 40 years earlier, a trio of high-ranking government authorities charged with treason have been made to confess before 3,000 soldiers chanting “Kill them! Kill them today!” 

And also the Serena isn’t the only site in Kampala in which the present has placed a fragile veneer on the troubled past. A constellation of Amin’s former torture centers dots the town and it is surrounds – the ramshackle Makindye military barracks, the corpse-dumping grounds within the forest of Namanve, the Lubiri Structure. Of those, just the tunnel-like torture chamber at Lubiri is available to site visitors. The relaxation, such as the Serena, continue with barely a jerk for their past.