How to help companies measure their impact on the biodiversity

If the fight against climate change is an issue now known to the general public, the fight for the preservation of biodiversity is far from having the same visibility. The question, however, is not less worrisome.Biodiversity in dangerDuring the 13th conference of the parties to the Convention on biological diversity, which was held in Cancun (Mexico) in December 2016, the table drawn up by the environmental NGOS was hardly reassuring.Global warming, deforestation, industrial activities, right of way urban… at the current rate, more than half of all vertebrates are threatened in terms of extinction, while 70% of plants are in danger. So that, in total, between 15% and 40% of biodiversity could disappear by 2050.READ ALSO : Biodiversity, species extinction also affects the FranceTwenty objectives to stop the erosionin the Face of the emergency, the international community does not remain without doing anything. In 2010, the conference of Aichi (Japan) was allowed to formalize a roadmap of twenty targets for the period 2010-2020 in order to halt this inexorable erosion. But how do we do if we do not know how to properly measure the phenomenon ?It is to this task that are coupled, since 2014, teams from CDC Biodiversity. With a certain success, since the subsidiary of the group Caisse des dépôts publishes this Wednesday, December 20, the results of the work which could lead, tomorrow, to the development of the first indicator of biodiversity.A transparent methodology” we believe We have identified a robust methodology to build a global indicator, reliable and transparent, which will note the companies according to their impact on biodiversity “, says Laurent Piermont, president, CDC Biodiversité.The principle of this ” Global Biodiversity Score (GBS) is relatively simple. ” It is based on a scientific model, validated by the united Nations, which identifies the main anthropogenic pressures acting on the ecosystems and measure their impact in terms of surface artificialisée “, says Aurélien Guingand, economist in charge of the project.Calculate the footprint on biodiversity of businessesin practical terms, the GBS will seek to determine what consumes a company in terms of raw materials, the quantity of pollutants that it emits, or rights-of-way on the ground of its facilities for the result in a number of square miles made useless.ALSO READ : The businesses support the ecological transition, “A way of calculating its footprint on biodiversity that will allow him to adapt his activity to align with the objectives of preservation that it will be fixed “, says Laurent Piermont.The first tests promisingFor the time being, it remains to CDC Biodiversity to collect the mass of data necessary to correctly rotate his model. It was co-built and tested within the club B4B +, which brings together some twenty major French companies – Engie, BNP Paribas, CNP assurances… – committed to a ” biodiversity positive “.” The results are sufficiently promising that we can hope to deliver the method to audit companies in a period of two years, promises Laurent Piermont. A tool that will not save the planet alone, but that could largely contribute to it. “

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