How The chaos of the New Moon solar Eclipse In Aquarius Will have an impact on Your love Life, This Week, starting February 15th


We arrive at the conception of our own life.

on February 15, we will experience a new moon solar eclipse in Aquarius. This will be the accumulation point from the January 31, super blue blood moon of the eclipse of the moon that has changed our lives.

From that particular of the lunation, we have been inside of the seismic and the chaotic atmosphere of the window between the eclipses. During this time, not only is anything possible, but it is guaranteed. This is good news for your sign of the zodiac, because it will bring great changes to your horoscope, love and relationships.

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Think of the last full moon and lunar eclipse as the point of rupture, where we opened and puts the light on something that had previously been hidden in the darkness. After this redesign, we were in unchartered territory where we have to overhaul our life, to do the work for what we want, and to be ready to imagine a different ending to the one we had previously imagined.

We have seen a multitude of planets move into Aquarius, where this new moon will join them. The aquarius is an independent and free-thinking air sign who likes to do things differently and loves to communicate and work together to think of the best possible approach to a situation, not only the more easy.

But there are also other important factors that we see with this moon, including a collaboration with Juno and Hygeia.

Juno is an asteroid which governs the soulmates, true love, marriage, childbirth, and young women, and Hygeia rules of trade unions, marriage, and health, thus there will be a strong aspect of the commitment associated with this moon.

But this is not really as simple as that. On the stage is also Uranus, which is still in Aquarius, who likes to do things differently, a rebel, and is responsible for many of us to break with the status quo and expectations of others, including those traditional family values we were raised.

the New moons signify a new beginning and stage of life, and combined with a solar eclipse, this means that the energy will not be amplified. This is not only something new, we’ll be starting, but is that a brand new chapter, we all had wanted it for so long that it is just about to begin.

Looking at all these together, we have the new moon signifying beginnings, Juno, and Hygeia on the scene with the wedding bells, but Uranus is just too tired of doing things the same old way just because everyone else is doing.

These types of transits are responsible for most of the alternative families and different types of unions and commitments that we see around us today, such as same-sex marriage, couples with different religious backgrounds, couples, biracial, and even in a blended family, divorce and children.

This is not that the unions of less importance or that they are more difficult in this transit; rather, it is like the marriage to the outside of the box.

So often when we think of marriage, we all have the same idea: rings, white dress, tux — you know the drill. But Uranus is to ask what any of these really have to do with the meaning of marriage itself. What it means to us to question what we have always done, and instead leads to more out of the ordinary, unions, and weddings that meet our basic needs and life experiences.

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Yet, even with this transit, which is strongly influenced by the links of marriage and commitment, this does not mean that we are all going to the end of February harnessed. Instead, it may be a conversation that takes place. Maybe you and your partner are going to create a new state unit that meet your needs, or you move in or take a trip together.

All these aspects are forms of commitment and are done as Uranus prefers: untraditionally, spontaneously and without much thought to any sort of expectations of others.

For those who are already married, it will be more of a focus on the health of the union that already exists, and if there is nothing that one or both partners to better support each other. There could be a shift as far as the career goes, well, it could be a focus on children and pregnancy thanks to Juno.

If we are attached to no commitment, this new moon solar eclipse in Aquarius will affect us the most, because it gives us the opportunity to be able to redefine this as any sort of union really means for us and allows us to write our own rules when it comes to our hearts.

When it comes to those of us who are single or just dating, this moon will be ushering in a new chapter of love and will be there to help to redefine the way we see ourselves and our own points of view on this is that the commitment and relationships of meaning for us.

This moon will be the point from which we will look back six months from now and realize that this is where it all began, or, at least, of the moment that we have chosen to recognize it. We will introduce more in the phase between the super blue blood moon and the next full moon in March by asking us to not only become clear on what we want, thanks to the energy of Aquarius, but by taking the time to plan exactly how to make it a reality.

“Because everyone is doing it,” is no longer a valid reason for any option in this life. Instead, we need to strongly believe in the choices we make and to see the importance of realizing the projects according to our own hearts.

We really need to have the ability to design our lives according to what feels best for us. Not everyone loves it and even less understand, but this is not what is important. Because what really matters is to live a life we are satisfied with, regardless of what it took for us here.

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