Heritage days : tour de France

Visit the scenes of France Télévisions, it has to be earned, and it still attracts the curious. Between today and tomorrow, 2 700 visitors will be able to discover trays of tv news, but also, and this is no less interesting, the governance of production, which allows the production of a tv show. “It happens a little bit in a territory sanctuarisé, and there was also the wonder of seeing as much of the technology is reduced to a few tens of square metres, “says a visitor.

A cooler of 500 years

The French are passionate about culture and heritage, and every year, this weekend of discovery was a roaring success. Here, in Corsica, on the heights of Ajaccio (Corse-du-Sud), amateurs have contributed to exhume an old cooler that has existed for 500 years. Inside, everything remained intact. And it is in this well kept blocks of ice.

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