Hazing in Angers : students burned with a spoon white hot

The general inspectorate has been entered, at the request of the minister Frédérique Vidal, after a ritual of integration that would have gone wrong at the Ecole nationale supérieure des arts et métiers (Ensam) in Angers.

The general inspectorate of the administration of the national Education and Research (IGAENR) has been input after that the students were burned during a ritual of integration, at the Ecole nationale supérieure des arts et métiers (Ensam), in October, in Angers, learned AFP from the ministry of higher Education.

“The direction of the Ensam of Angers has contacted the ministry as soon as the well-known facts” (mid-October, editor’s NOTE), said the ministry, which stipulates that it is of burns on the arm with a spoon, heated up to white. “The general inspection has been seized at the request of the minister Frédérique Vidal in order to understand how such behaviors may persist despite the measures taken in recent years,” says the same source. The findings of this survey are expected by the end of January, soon after a disciplinary commission internal to the school, scheduled for 10 January.

No complaint

No complaint has been filed, neither by the students nor by their families, according to the public prosecutor of Angers. “We took a step forward, there. It is climbing. Before, there was a psychological pressure. Here, it is downright abuse. How is it that, in a large school like this, we can still do that?” responded Marie-France Henry, president of the national Committee against hazing.

“This is not humiliation, this is not degrading ? What is it then ? This is torture,” just, ” said she, before claiming “a legal conviction”. The events took place on October 11, during a “period of transmission of values”. The school, contacted by AFP, said it had suspended “the transmission period of values on all sites” after having been informed of the facts, and have opened an administrative investigation.

“We are particularly vigilant and uncompromising in relation to the framework defined by the 1998 act and the decree of July 2016,” says the school, which provides inform “each year, the students of the strict prohibition and the consequences – including criminal – of any practice of hazing, and remind them regularly of these rules”. “The protection of students is our first priority, and we reaffirm our very strong in this respect”, says the management.

Of the previous identified at Ensam

In February 2016 the ministers of Education and higher Education, alerted by a report on the practice of hazing at the Ensam “perpetrated on the occasion of events related to the so-called period of transmission of values”, had promised to stop by reforming the governance of the school.

A previous report had already been commissioned in 2014 to the IGAERN following reports of excesses, practices of hazing and several serious incidents in the margins of events related to the student life of the institution.

The historic premises of the Ensam is located in Paris, but the school has several campus on the French territory.
Since the act of June 17, 1998, the hazing is illegal in France and punishable by six months imprisonment and 7 500 euros fine, that the victim is consenting or not.

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