Green area and budget of the neighborhoods in the menu

Invited at the last city Council, the manager of the department planning and land tenure in the urban area of Agen, and Peter’s Soiled, has presented the project of creation of a natural area on the site of Barroy, just behind the waste disposal site. In effect, the regional Directorate of environment (Dreal) requires the Agglomeration of Agen to create natural areas to compensate for the agricultural land occupied by the future Technopolis Agen Garonne (TAG).

Requested, the City is immediately brought candidate and will therefore enjoy a natural area of over six hectares, designed by an ecologist. It will include a conservatory to the natural flora, and will be made available to the inhabitants of the district through the creation of walking trails, in accordance with the request of the municipality. A decision welcomed by all elected officials : “We look forward to this project carried out and financed by the Agglo Agen on our common. In addition, this area will be open to the public “, has started Christian Jacq, followed by Corinne Griffond. “It is a good idea since, in any case, this area within the framework of the PPRI (1) is classified as non-constructible. It is better to make an interior green rather than a space fallow. “

5 000 € for each district

At this same meeting, the Council unanimously adopted the draft decision amendment no. 1 to the budget in 2017, “the one who is inscribed in the continuity of the orientations taken in the preparation of the initial budget, namely : to control the operating expenses and generate a cash flow sufficient to not use the loan,” according to the mayor, Francis Garcia.

The other big issue on the agenda, the project of creation of the participatory budgets of districts has been adopted by the Council. As of next year, the six districts of the municipality will benefit each of 5 000 euros of annual budget to designate which projects they wish to see succeed. “Offered exclusively by Passageois, projects will be submitted to a vote of the inhabitants of the district concerned. A commission extra-municipale, consisting of seven elected representatives, the outcome of the majority and of the three opposition groups, will be responsible for establishing the rules of the device and ensure its proper implementation “, concluded Francis Garcia. If Sebastian Delbosq (national Front) welcomes “the creation of a participatory budget, supervised and transparent, which will allow more direct democracy and more social links” Corinne Griffond and Gilles Frémy did not wish to participate in the vote : “We are doubtful about the implementation and we would have preferred to leave all latitude to the project to evolve before it can be presented in council. “Faced with these questions, Francis Garcia replied that this would be for the commission to set the terms of operation of participatory budgeting. The seven elected officials who will make up the commission, six are already known. The last place should go back to Corinne Griffond that candidate. The list of the elect will be officially unveiled at the next city council.

(1) prevention Plan of flood risks

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