GlocalMe U2 Review – Your Travel Buddy On the run, To Help Keep You in contact with World!

Data packs activated to my account

  • You may be inside a different country (temporary) and might not have a SIM there
  • You may have data inside your local SIM but you’re scared of worldwide roaming fee
  • Your mobile battery dead
  • Network issues, low signal, disconnection problem plus much more

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Data Packs topup

Wireless Hotspot global settings

GlocalMe U2 Review – Your Travel Buddy!

GlocalMe U2 UnboxingGlocalMe U2 Unboxing

glocalme-u2-review-connectionAs already pointed out, this isn’t just like a traditional MiFi, but nonetheless, can behave like one. As Jio is easily the most popular network utilized in India, I needed to provide a go. Obviously, It’ll work, because the GlocalMe U2 supports LTE – FDD too. Even altering the SIM settings is extremely easy, actually prior to making an association, the unit will prompt you to select cloudSIM or even the local SIM [Roaming]. Prior to making an association, all you need to do would be to add an entry way [APN] as well as in my situation, it’s ‘Jionet’. That’s it, now you are prepared for connecting the unit there not one other things you must do like manual network selection. It’s auto selection mode, and auto switch systems according to signal &amp network stability. In the case of Jio, I can’t utilize it in 3G mode, because it was true 4G. So, whenever network drops, GlocalMe U2 accustomed to perform a reconnection and establishes a brand new connection again.

Options that come with GlocalMe U2 –

  • First of all, it features a revolutionary cloud SIM and that means you don’t need any other SIM, the best of this could it be is worldwide roaming free
  • Data minute rates are so cheap that is literally 60% less in comparison with other systems
  • It features a battery selection of 3,500mAh, so it’s not necessary to wordpress plugin just like a MiFi device
  • It supports just about all network bands including LTE FDD &amp TDD
  • You may also insert the local SIM as it arrives with two SIM slots [General &amp Small]
  • 5 devices could be connected
  • Everything could be controlled via mobile application
  • 100+ countries network coverage
  • High-Speed 4G with data transfer speed of 150 Mbps &amp upload rate of fifty Mbps

Personally, I wouldn’t spend your time any longer and might have gone right to their crowdfunding page and backed it to obtain one in my own. Yes, with no second opinion, should you travel a great deal, or perhaps an adventure guy [nothing like me] or can be a local traveler, this is actually the perfect device for you personally. Grab yourself one to stay in touch using the world.

Design –

glocalme-u2-review-design-2Around the top, you’ll find 3 major indications – Wireless, Network signal strength, and battery whereas on the other side you’ll find the QR code, User id, password, and IMEI number. The ability button is positioned somewhat inside around the left side, that is kinda difficult to press but you’ll get accustomed to it after utilizing it for couple of days. Also, the reset button is visible just over the power button. As always, at the end, you will find a micro USB port which would be to switch on battery.

Now, the real thing. I’ve attempted connecting utilizing their cloud SIM itself also it required me some a few minutes to determine a reliable connection. The very first factor Used to do after you have connected is activated the unit by checking the QR code on the rear of GlocalMe U2. Next, I altered the predefined Wireless password simply make it safer.

Used to do face some low speed because the device wasn’t tested in India, and so i made contact with using the support team plus they fixed the network issue &amp low speed in only half an hour. I had been like, wow how awesome is the fact that! So, I visited speed test, and also the speed was around 10Mbps and that i feel it’s significantly high when compared with the other systems are providing here. Also, the rate purely depends upon network strength and where I live doesn’t have a very good network. But, still, there wasn’t any stop by speed or network disconnection.

Beginning track of GlocalMe U2

Evaluating for their previous flagship device – GlocalMe G2, you do not find any display and it is less bulky as such as the previous one. GlocalMe U2 weighs nearly 151 grams and fits perfectly inside your pockets.

Aren’t these complaints gonna kill your adventure mood? Yes, they surely will. Let’s alter the subject for some time and your house you’re a company person travels to numerous countries and thought about being in contact with your loved ones, buddies or get updates out of your office. Well, you may be in connection as lengthy while you were in conference, or at work but when you achieve your accommodation room and find out the additional fee on Wireless you realize you’ll feel angry and also you can’t make use of your mobile data by worldwide roaming. So, how to approach this solution?

Aren’t individuals features amazing? I suppose you’ve now learned the solutions for that issues aforementioned earlier. Well, how reliable the GlocalMe U2 is? As reported by the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, users appears to be really thinking about the unit because the campaign already arrived at 400% of their goal but still funding. So, may be the GlocalMe U2 really provide first class connectivity because it claiming? Without a doubt what I discovered within my testing –

Sim management

Linked to Wireless Hotspot

Also, must i discuss the battery existence? As there is no display, GlocalMe U2 really lives greater than 12 hrs with only one charge, and you may easily look into the signal strength and battery existence in the mobile application itself.

glocalme-u2-review-design-4Inside, you’ll find two SIM slots the first is general and yet another supports Small SIM. Battery is non-removable and that i didn’t go deep to determine the connections, you realize uninterested right now. Anyhow, Let’s startup –

As far my testing went, I’d express it clearly blew my thoughts off! It may seem it’s another MiFi device, but it’s in addition to that. Without a doubt a couple of features relating to this personal Wireless dongle

There have been merely a couple of network drops as far my test went, but it’s purely from Jio side, and never in the hotspot, and so i shouldn’t blame the unit however the network. What else you’ll need? A Wireless dongle + Jio SIM + battery power selection of 3,500mAh = Limitless options.


Creating connection

While using Wireless with Cloud SIM

glocalme-u2-review-speed-testWhen I have around 5GB to check, I literally was clueless that how you can stand, like me already using Jio 4G, ACT fiber internet. But, because of the The new sony Smart TV which we bought lately and that i viewed hell large amount of YouTube videos especially, The Weekend foot. Daft Punk – Starboys. This song was really on loop and I’ve not faced any buffering issue although the video quality was 1080p. Also, I tested the network speed by transporting the unit to couple of places of Bangalore and that i kinda seem like completely pleased with the rate. GlocalMe U2 will certainly prove useful for me personally if I needed to travel for the coming year MWC that will gonna take place in Barcelona. This can get me in contact with my audience base and enables me to talk about the update on real-time.

Data left to make use of

So, you’re a travel freak searching for that great adventures inside your existence and travels to numerous places around the globe to locate them? Well, you might find the finest adventures inside your existence, but is that not your energy goes vain should you not demonstrate to them around the world? I’m speaking about creating it go live! Well, here’re couple of problems you’ll face –

While using Wireless with Jio SIM [Local]

The very first factor Used to do was downloaded their official application and registered a brand new account. This really is to manage everything! Much like they pointed out within the campaign it will have a welcome offer of 100MB, and that i got around 5GB to check the unit. Before connecting the unit, I experienced all of the settings and tabs within the application, and listed here are couple of screenshots.

Yup, you are able to top-up the dongle just in the mobile application, and may continuously monitor the information consumption around the application itself.

With Great speed comes greater responsibilities!! :p

Pros &amp cons –


  • Good value
  • Better network &amp speed
  • Minimalistic design, convenient to carry around
  • On the run connectivity
  • Smart management &amp safe connectivity
  • Customer care


  • Battery range
  • Data packs validity
  • Speed issues occasionally
  • Devices connected [5]


Well, if you are an enthusiastic readers of iGadgetsworld &amp adopted our page you’d already known the solution. Yes, we lately got another crowd-funding gadget, GlocalMe U2 that is gonna kill all of your problems and keeps you in contact with the planet. Don’t forget wait any longer and obtain right to the GlocalMe U2 Review.

Back it now!

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