Ford adds Android Auto and CarPlay to the 2016 vehicles – Engadget

this past year at CES, Ford has began updating 2106 Sync 3-outfitted vehicles with Android Auto and CarPlay. Which means motorists who’ve to date settled for that automaker’s in-house setup will basically obtain a completely new infotainment system if they’d rather switch. Android Auto users can update via Wireless or even the USB port, while motorists who would like CarPlay will need to make a vacation to their dealer and pay a charge.

Ford states by using either system enabled, most Sync 3 features like its in-house navigation system and AppLink is going to be disabled. Motorists can rather use Google or Apple Maps for navigation and then any available Android Auto or iOS apps including Spotify, Skype or Amazon . com Audible Audiobooks.

Meanwhile, both Audi and Volvo just announced that they’d be adopting Android, not Android Auto, because the backbone that belongs to them infotaintment systems. Which will basically make Google’s software the operating-system of these units, controlling not just music and navigation, however the car’s ac, sunroof and home windows.

As Android is much more full-featured than Android Auto, which should give both users and automakers more features and choices. For example, inside a demo during Google I/O’s presentation yesterday, Audi demonstrated the way it could push Android notifications and switch-by-turn Gps navigation directions straight to the vehicle’s dashboard.

Ford’s in-house Sync 3 system has gotten reasonably good reviews, but let us be genuine — either Android Auto or CarPlay is a big improvement for many users. The systems will have better together with your smartphones, allowing you to exercise easily at home to vehicle to utilize your apps, searches and locations following you.

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