Flight Attendant Makes Like Britney, Recreates “Toxic” Video

Where did this concept originate from for Nasir?

Someone give this man an increase!

He spoke towards the concerning the video soon after it blew up on the web.

Assraf Nasir Picture

His talents appear to become wasted in the current capacity, no?

“Classic,” Fernandes captioned the recording by himself Instagram account, adding:

“The talent in Airasia never does not amaze me. @assrafnasir is the greatest. Like it that staff can simply have some fun and become themselves.”

Watch the “Toxic” re-creation below so we think you’ll agree:

He dances around. He lip-syncs towards the track. And he’s earned the appreciation of AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes in the procedure.

Britney Spears is Toxic

“I had been a performing arts teacher before I grew to become a flight ticket attendant and dance happens to be my passion,” he explains.

It’s Britney, bitch?

Inside a viral video that’s been viewed on Instagram over 263,000 occasions, this AirAsia flight attendant makes like Britney Spears within this music video for “Toxic,” slithering up and won the aisles of the plane similar to the pop star in 2003.

Assraf Nasir

A lot more like… it’s Assraf Nasir, bitch!

Or… someone give this man another job!

“When a dancer, always a dancer. The recording was intended to be for many close buddies and that i didn’t expect it might go viral and receive this kind of overwhelming response, however i guess whenever you work with an enjoyable company, fun isn’t a long way away.Inch

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