Feria de Nîmes : follow the bullfight alternative live from 11: 30 a.m.

The ‘Arlesian Andy Younes, 20 years, the great hope of bullfighting French, takes the alternative this Saturday 16th of September in Nimes. Within a cartel of luxury : Juan Bautista and Talavante will be at his side, in the face of six toros livestock Nuñez of Cuvillo. An event to follow live from 11: 30.

For him, this is the big day. At once A culmination and a new departure : on Saturday morning, the Arlesian Andy Younès, 20 years, becomes a matador de toros. It takes the alternative during the first bullfight of the feria des Vendanges, Nîmes, after three seasons of novilladas sharp.

The great hope of bullfighting in france, he has a right to a cartel of luxury to its entry into the career. His godfather, Arlesian like him, one of the largest figuras present : Juan Bautista. A witness of this ceremony, another torero top-notch : Alejandro Talavante. And most important, the livestock : six toros de Nuñez del Cuvillo, who have very often given satisfaction in recent years.

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