Extremist prisoners to become gone to live in ‘jails within jails’ to tackle radicalisation – BT.com

Moves to determine specialist units first collected pace this past year following a review cautioned that Islamist extremism is really a growing problem within jails. The assessment found proof of offenders promoting support for Islamic Condition and “charismatic” prisoners serving as “self-styled emirs” to radicalise other inmates.

Individuals who spread views that may incite others to commit terrorist offences, or anybody whose views are used in ways which undermines working order and peace of mind in jails, may be now use among the facilities. The very first center will ready to go at HMP Frankland in Durham within days. An additional two units follows at other high-security establishments.

Inmates suspected of planning terrorism or posing a danger to national security face being gone to live in three recently produced specialist centres under an amendment to prison rules.

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