Disappearance of Maëlys : for his brother, the suspect is “innocent 100%”

Disappeared during a wedding celebration in Pont-de-Manduel (Isère) in the night of 26 to 27 August, Maëlys, 9 years old, is still unknown. The police are continuing their investigation and almost three weeks after the night, their suspicions are focused on Nordahl L..

34-year-old man is in custody since 3 September. The police questioned a number of elements that are troubling, which makes it the primary suspect in this case. His brother, 36-year-old, expressed this Saturday in The Dauphiné Libéré. In his eyes, Nordahl L. undergoes a genuine judicial harassment and the media : “One day, he will be cleared of suspicion and I’ll take her far away, on another continent, if necessary,” he said.

Ten “driven sexually” present at the wedding ?

Sven L. develops his reasoning. According to him, his brother did not have physically the time to remove the little girl and make all the accusations against him.

“He can’t, in an hour, having removed the small, will be showered, changed and returned to the marriage. The police should also look elsewhere instead of struggling on my bro’. There were ten registered sexually among the guests of this wedding. And it was not friends of Nordahl,” he continued.

On Thursday, the prime suspect, indicted for abduction and illegal confinement of a minor of 15 years, has been transferred from house arrest of Varces to the prison of Saint-Quentin-Fallavier. He faced many death threats from his fellow inmates.

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