Coupe de France : Mahmoud, hope Ravinois

¼ Final AS Capricorn – AS Joan of Arc

In difficulties in the league, Bernard Mahmoud would not be against a bit of solace in the Cup of France, who had both smiled these last few years.

Between Bernard Mahmoud and the Cup of France, it is a beautiful love story that began in 1994 when he was a player at St. Louis. Thirty-second finalist at the time, he remade the hit as coach last January, in Lille, at the head of the Excelsior. Unbeaten in three seasons in the competition, it is the main asset of the Capricorn, which crosses the Joan of Arc this evening in the chief place. “This training of the Ravine des Cabris has a army team to play higher, reframes David Ferrère, the technician of Purple. She has the experience of the R1 and its classification does not reflect the reality. To choose, we would have preferred a different opponent in the light also of the success that knows the coach in the face in this competition,” Even if for the Ravinois, as evidenced by Bernard Mahmoud, the goal of the season is any other.

The Coupe de France arrives-t-it-to-point named for the Capricorn ?

Bernard Mahmoud : “No, because there has been the beginning of the season that we wanted. The championship and the ascent in the first division remain a priority objective for the club. However, we left too many points that we must now go seek. It is complicated to go out on a second goal in these conditions, even if you can’t pass up a quarter-final. Our bad starts ruin the pleasure of this meeting. The Sunday game is far more important to us.

The Coupe de France, it’s still a competition you care about ?

It works for me well and I particularly like it. I hope it will continue. My first desire is that this opposition face a great team of Joan of Arc, leads to a good game to bring the confidence which we lack currently. Even if it falls very badly for us, with a full week between two league matches.

“I have confidence in my boys”

How do you explain the difficulties encountered by your team in the championship ?

There was a series of friendly matches very satisfactory, which means that it does not have well measured what was the championship of the second division. The football is totally different. Our players that arrive all of the D1, the discover. The adaptation is very difficult. To do this, it is not varnished, not later than last Sunday. Despite a good delivery, there is still a tie that plays necessarily on the mind so that it is not necessary that you doubt.

Is it true that you were willing to sacrifice yourselves for the team ?

I am someone who does not loose anything usually, but if it doesn’t, it is not necessary to insist. The collective is the first priority. If you don’t win on Sunday, I am ready to sacrifice myself. The club has bet on me to have good results, it is necessary to ask the right questions at a time. It is normal for everyone to be disappointed. It is important to start a series of positive, quickly. I have confidence in my boys.

Your team is currently 8th in the group B, the accession does she still relevant ?

It remains the priority. Even if we did not take off in the standings, we’re not totally dropped in terms of points. This leaves a little hope, but there’s no need to hang around if it wants to come back.”

Mickael Payet

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