Corey Perry will get lucky bounce, Ducks increase 3- (Video)

The truth is the Ducks thought their goalkeeper didn’t get it, and pulled John Gibson after quitting four goals on 16 shots. Jonathan Bernier made 16 saves in relief.

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Perry put the puck towards the Calgary internet in the side boards. Elliott made the stop, but his save went directly off Flames defenseman Michael Stone while watching internet and into the goal for that Anaheim win.


Stated Elliott: “I didn’t feel I performed perfectly and allow the team [lower] a bit … it’s difficult to swallow at this time.Inches


“Those bounces come from stuff that various things which had happened before it will get to that particular point,” stated Stone. “It’s not what we should wanted.”

It’s difficult to call the Anaheim Ducks’ 5-4 victory within the Calgary Flames, rising 3- within their Western Conference series, a fluky one. They rallied from the 4-1 deficit to pressure overtime. They earned that.

But Corey Perry’s overtime game-champion at 1:30 of overtime? Yeah, which was just a little lucky.

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