Color Pro Lithium WAHL, the mower innovative !

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Color Pro Lithium WAHL Price : 99,99 VAT Reference : 79600-3716

Back to work it is the opportunity for some to change or refresh their hair cut. This is great because WAHL, an international leader on the market of mowers men, has launched two new mowers : the Color Pro Cordless, and the Color Pro Lithium for more comfort in the realization cuts to the house. FranceNetInfos present to you the Color Pro Lithium !

The Color Pro Lithium is a nice mower to wireless with a battery life of 90 minutes. What do

spoil anything ! Its asset ? The presence ofa color code intuitive to find in the different levels of cutting, but also 10 guides cup 2 guides special contours of the ears. A real plus for fans who need a device simple and efficient!

With the Color Pro Lithium, all creations are possible ! Short hair, long hair, gradients…this new mower blades in carbon steel self-finely honed will make the happiness of all members of the family and will allow you to achieve high-quality sections.

Beside material, the Color Pro Lithium is supplied with a full set of hairdresser comprising a protective cover, a comb, a cleaning brush, oil, scissors, 10 guides of cuts and, of course, an explanatory leaflet.

Kit Color Pro Lithium-WAHL

You’ll understand that the Color Pro Lithium is a mower, a practice that you will enjoy using. Apart from an on/off button a bit stiff, there was almost nothing to complain about !

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