Closing Ceremony ratings off 45 percent from London

The Rio Olympic games Frequent lowering and raising events were a conscious downgrade in the epic spectacle of events past, as well as on Sunday night, the Olympic games closed not in an instant, however a ratings whimper.

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Nielsen overnight ratings indicate the Closing Ceremony averaged an 11.7 rating throughout the period between 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. ET, lower 31 percent in the same event working in london. Nielsen’s FastAffiliate metric established that 16.9 million viewers viewed the Closing Ceremony, a 45 percent drop from London.

NBC introduced that it is Olympic games averaged 27.5 million viewers through its Total Audience Delivery statistic, which makes up about both television and streaming figures. The London Olympic games, by comparison, averaged 31.a million viewers for competition and Frequent lowering and raising events combined.

Live from Rio: Ryan Lochte, worldwide fugitive the strange side from the Games:

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There are many potential targets for blame, from millennials’ insufficient curiosity about the Olympic games to NBC’s decision to time-shift and delay live broadcasts of numerous key occasions and moments. Even though the sides can spin the Rio ratings to suit whatever narrative they want (for example, even just in an “off” ratings year the Olympic games destroyed all competition), what’s unavoidable would be that the broadcast and viewing problems that vaulted the Olympic games to unparalleled ratings levels in past years no more always apply in age streaming and Snapchat.

The issue of whether NBC will have the ability to satisfy promises designed to advertisers is a few inside baseball that does not really concern the typical viewer. What could be more fascinating to determine is whether or not NBC changes its TV-first strategy moving forward. NBC supports the contract to broadcast every Olympic games through 2032, and Rio provided a stark indicator that reaching a sizable segment of the fragmented, demographically diverse American audience is much more challenging than ever before.

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