Christopher Boykin Dies Take advantage of & Big Star Was 45

I’ll remember all of the occasions you’ve made me laugh and my hopes visit your loved ones.

Just six days ago, actually, Dyrdek shared the above mentioned throwback photo of themself and the now-late friend.

big man

For instance, 1 week they made the decision to educate Meaty the Bulldog how you can skateboard. Comedy shenanigans ensued.

There, the amusing tandem hatched one crazy plan to another.

RIP @BigBlack. Me is crushed.

Based on Boykin’s representative, per TMZ, no official cause continues to be determined, but individuals near to “Big Black” think they are fully aware.

The means by which Take advantage of and large – who possessed contrasting personalities – performed from each other endeared these to fans.

He accomplished it using a heartwarming tribute shared to Instagram approximately last month.

“Pretty good for any fat black kid from Wiggins Ms….#godisgood #allthetime.”

rob &amp big

Upon learning of the sad news, rapper Chanel West Coast Tweeted the next message:

He was 45 years of age.


The next week, they obtained a miniature horse they planned to help keep within their backyard. Cue more antics.

This program chronicled the existence and friendship from the professional skateboarder and the close pal, who also offered as his bodyguard.

Christopher Boykin, the very best friend of Take advantage of Dyrdek and co-star from the former hit MTV reality series Take advantage of &amp Big, died on Tuesday from unknown causes.

thrown back pic

Essentially, he would be a network staple – and fan favorite.

“Whenever I’ve dinner at Lemonade in Studio City, I usually mix the road to a glance at certainly one of my accomplishments, ‘the Ventura Blvd walk of fame.'”

He’s survived with a nine-years old daughter.

They feel the truth star he died from cardiac arrest.

It had been kind of just like a form of classic sitcom The Odd Couple … only on MTV and odd might have been an understatement.

So we also send our condolences to the family people, buddies and family members of these reality stars who’ve left us.


Inside a March 2016 interview, Dyrdek opened up up about his drop out with Boykin, saying at that time:

Gone although not forgotten, all, like Boykin, were vibrant stars themselves, extinguished far before time should’ve come.

We send our condolences to his family people, buddies and family members with what should be a remarkably hard time.

At some point, Boykin and Dyrdek’s friendship increased a little strained, however they composed enough to look together on the program Fantasy Factory.

Together with Take advantage of &amp Big and Fantasy Factory, Boykin made an appearance on three instances of Dyrdek’s other show Ridiculousness.

west tweet

He authored the next like a caption to some photo of his and Dyrdek’s movie reel placard.

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Just before becoming and unpredicted reality star, Boykin offered within the U . s . States Navy.

“He didn’t wish to be noted for [being] along side it kick. To ensure that produced lots of that tension between me and him.”

Gia allemand close up

The Mississippi native, who was 6’6″ and considered 375 pounds, was lately in La and reflected on his Take advantage of &amp Black days.

On the program, Boykin and Dyrdek lived together within the Hollywood Hillsides.

He may also bee seen on MTV Guy Code and MTV Snack Off at various points during individuals shows’ particular runs.

The series was filled with practical jokes and humorous stunts, however it was mostly highlighted by its two stars’ interaction.

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