Cat share ride and comes back with a spike to skewer stuck in the skull

Like every morning, Olivier Morlain out their two cats in Saint-Quentin, in the Aisne. Two hours later, one of them, Chamallow, reached the house of his owners, a spike in wood planted through the head.

The cat is immediately transported to a veterinarian to be operated in the day. “The eardrum was pierced”, the piece of wood has gone through the palace, breaking in the skull of a small animal. “Even the vet had never seen it”, reflects Olivier Morlain.

The peak to skewer would have been planted voluntarily by the end non-sharp, informs the Courier Picard. “This is inhuman, no one has the right to do that,”laments Sylvie Morlain, the wife of Olivier.

The couple will file a complaint.

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