Briana DeJesus: See Her First Footage from Teen Mother 2!

We have had a lot time to get at be aware of women, to throw a family member stranger inside does not seem great.

Still, despite the fact that Briana offers to bring the thunder, we have still got doubts.

Kailyn, Chelsea and Jenelle Pic

Within the clip, Briana talks having a couple of MTV producers about the choice to bring her to the franchise in the end this time around — as she highlights, the final time she filmed was when her daughter was a baby.

We are also pretty pumped to determine both Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska give birth for their babies — they’ll both be pregnant for that season premiere.

We’ll observe how it is going — there is no chance we are missing the show, so we’ll see her in either case — but she’s gonna need to fare better than this.

Teen Mother 2 continues to be about Jenelle, Chelsea, Kailyn and Leah because of its whole, to cause a brand new girl from nowhere feels weird.

Teen Mother 2 will return for any completely new season!

Briana states that despite the fact that she’s nervous to obtain “during the spotlight,” she’s excited to exhibit people how she has been doing since Teen Mother 3 ended.

Briana DeJesus Baby Shower

Plus there is even the completely new excitement of the fifth cast member!

And we’ll see Kailyn Lowry break this news to individuals round her that she’s pregnant together with her third child, though most likely we will not begin to see the baby’s father, Chris Lopez.

Which new sneak look of her footage in the show is not doing much to convince us otherwise.

Many people were not too happy to hear this news that she’d be included to the show, and even for good reason.

In a couple of short days, something amazing may happen for trashy reality show enthusiasts everywhere …

Briana DeJesus Photograph

Briana DeJesus from Teen Mother 3 is joining the cast this year, that is … interesting.

She’s also not very friendly using the father of her daughter, Nova, and there is additionally that whole factor where her whole family is a touch bit insane.

She’s also excited to create something totally new to fans from the show.

She’s 5 years old now.

Watch Briana doing her Teen Mother 2 factor within the video below:

But Briana has a lot drama to create towards the show — she’s pregnant together with her second child at this time, and also the baby’s father has apparently been cheating on her behalf throughout being pregnant.

It’s exciting for several reasons, the first because existence just is not exactly the same without some weekly Teen Mother drama.

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