Bordeaux : arrested for the rape of a young woman in the exit of box night

Since a few weeks, it does not go a weekend without one or more young women enter the gates of the central police station of Bordeaux to file a complaint for rape. Memory of a police officer experienced, ” a very long time ago that we had not registered such a series of attacks “.

The context and the geographical area are still the same and the operating mode is invariable. The rapes are committed at the end of the week to the output of the nightclubs, on the victims walking alone, in a state of intoxication. Last week, during the night of 15 December, a Bordeaux 20 years has crossed the path of two young people who followed it before the dock street of the Benedictines, in the Sainte-Croix area. These are local residents, hearing screams, went out to the window and saw the two assailants.

The alert was given to police-secours and, very quickly, a patrol of the brigade, tasked with fighting crime (BAC) was on the scene. One of the attackers, a Guinean just major, was still present at the side of the victim. His accomplice, a native of Mayotte, was arrested a little later.

“Prey on the vulnerable”

Placed in custody and interviewed by investigators Brigade department, the family protection (u.s. cbp), the two men have been confounded by the analysis of police technical and scientific. One of them was also in possession of documents and phone belonging to the victim. Referred to the public prosecutor and presented to a judge of instruction, they have been indicted and placed in detention.

In the Face of the resurgence of sexual assault, the vigilance must be the watchword during festive evenings. “These men prey on single mothers, most often alcoholic, who prey particularly vulnerable , “sighs a policeman.

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