Blac Chyna Baby Father Drama: Kris Jenner Demands Dna Test!

Just in case you have been living within special type of rock that blocks out all Kardashian news (lucky!), you’ve most likely heard the brand new reviews that Take advantage of Kardashian is not the actual father of Blac Chyna’s developing fetus.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Have a Chat

Based on a resource that spoken with Radar, “When Kris discovered the baby may not be a Kardashian, she absolutely lost her s**t.”

Seriously, seriously.

“If Blac Chyna’s baby isn’t Rob’s,” this source claims, “you will see hell to pay for.Inch

Look, if these gossips are true and Pilot Johnson really did father Chyna’s baby, that’s sad, but does that actually make her worth being “destroyed”?

No, the term in the pub would be that the father could really be Pilot Johnson, and the man might have fathered that little baby during certainly one of Take advantage of and Chyna’s biweekly breakups.

Rob, Chyna, Pilot Jones

Damn, Kardashians, what about all of you just chill for any minute? Maybe you have even heard about chilling? Because all case way too extra.

That source is not done yet, either.

Yeah, sounds about right.

And, because the source so sinisterly adds, “If she fails the exam, you will see hell to pay for!Inch

“Money and timeInch … hey, do not ever let anybody tell you just how Kris Jenner does not know what’s essential in existence.

*insert frog emoji, insert tea emoji*

Thankful Blac Chyna
Kris Jenner Talks

“Rob’s siblings will make certain that Blac Chyna is destroyed. They’ll make certain that she’s left in financial ruin, which she’ll never operate in this industry again.”

The other word in the pub is the fact that Kris Jenner has gone out for bloodstream.

Should you did not have quite enough supportive bad dreams for Blac Chyna yet, then are suffering from to express how Rob’s siblings feel relating to this little scandal.

We all know the Kardashians would be the most moral and merely people in most the land, but seriously now.

Oh, so this is the issue here? Not Rob’s relationship or his emotional well-being, however the reality show contract? Oh, OK.

Blac chyna and rob kardashian
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“Kris is demanding that Blac Chyna have a lie detector test if she would like to help keep her agreement for Take advantage of &amplifier Chyna,” the origin adds.

Also, how come this family appear to wish individuals to have “hell to pay forInch so frequently? Could they be really devils? That’s none in our business.

Additionally, it works out that “Kris has invested a lot money and time into Blac that she’ll visit nothing to get at the foot of this.”

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