Bill Murray wears excellent Cubs shirt to Game one of the NLDS

Just turning up for that game wouldn’t be sufficient for Murray, though. He earned certain to dress appropriately, putting on an incredible shirt to commemorate the occasion.

With Game one of the NLDS getting frighteningly tense, we’ll decide if the Cubs turn to emergency measures … like, say, the baseball same as crossing the streams, to be able to take out a victory.

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Bill Murray is renowned for a couple of things: Comedy and the passion for the Chicago Cubs. Then when the Cubs were set to experience Game one of the National League Division Series at Wrigley Field, there wasn’t any doubt Murray could be there supporting his team.

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In this instance, Gozer the Destructor has had the type of Bay Area Giants pitcher Johnny Cueto. Through six innings, Cueto has stymied the Cubs, keeping them from the board in a scoreless game.

Yes, that’s Bill Murray putting on a t-shirt having a cartoon goat onto it that reads “I ain’t scared of no goat.” Pretty appropriate shirt for that former Ghostbuster, no?

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