Bill Murray sings like Daffy Duck during seventh inning stretch

In the hands? A beer obviously.

To no one’s surprise, the comedy legend and Chicago native delivered inside a completely expected way. Using the Cubs trailing 1- heading into the foot of the seventh inning, Murray cut a few of the crowd’s tension by singing the seventh inning stretch like Daffy Duck.

Murray later walked lower the left field concourse as fans cheered and attempted to snap his picture.

Murray got things off and away to a begin by saying “it’s the foot of the seventh, it’s the final opportunity to order beer … But we didn’t come here to consume beer, we found win this ballgame.”


The performance was not desssspicccccaaaable. Whether it were other people, it would’ve been a tragedy. At the disposal of the person who gave us Carl Spackler and Dr. Peter Venkman, it had been gold.

Yes, that is correct.

CHICAGO — A great deal was expected of Bill Murray’s rendition of “Take Me To the Ballgame” during Friday’s Game three of the World Series.

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