Bachelor in Paradise Sets New Premiere Date, Makes Stunning Announcement

ABC has a few exciting bulletins to create.

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We’ll don’t know.

However with no misconduct going to occured, possibly Olympios uses a forum to inform her side from the story.

It’s unclear just if this special will air, but Season 4 itself will occur over six days this summer time.

“I’m also happy concerning the changes which have been designed to producing Bachelor In Paradise,” Corinne stated inside a previous statement, adding:

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4: Who’s In?!?

But not a way would Corinne and DeMario be incorporated of these cast people, right?

Within an interview with E! News soon after his name was removed, DeMario stated he’d no hard feelings toward Corinne.

Things got so hot and high and sexually heated that the producer thought Corinne might have been too drunk to provide consent.

Corinne on ABC

Jackson, sources, confirm is aboard with this same special.

That’s mostly right.

Because of the He Stated/She Stated/In addition to a Producer Stated between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson, new instances of this reality series will start on August 14, immediately adopted with a second new installment on August 15.

HOWEVER, Olympios stated inside a brief statement on Wednesday that she’ll be appearing on a single episode of Season 4 in the end.

He detailed their sexual encounter (in main detail) and wanted Olympios the very best on multiple occasions.


What altered her mind?

Or did she always intend on creating a cameo on Season 4?

Within the finish, an analysis determined no sexual assault of any sort required place and cast people were asked back lower to Mexico to complete filming.

DeMario Jackson Promo Pic

Additionally they stated bartenders would have a much closer eye on who had been consuming and just how much these were consuming.

“I’m thrilled to be appearing around the Bachelor In Paradise Special,” she stated simply today.

Following a sex and alcohol scandal, producers stated they’d highlight certain rules on Bachelor in Paradise moving forward, together with a two drink each hour maximum.

Individuals six days will feature past Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants looking for passion for again in Mexico, when they also witness the marriage of Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 couple Carly Waddell and Evan Bass.

The show was initially scheduled to premiere on August 8.


First, the network has confirmed that Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 will, indeed, air this summer time, regardless of the multi-week scandal that delayed production at the beginning of filming.

Corinne Olympios Mirror Selfie

Once this possibility was elevated, Warner Bros. shut lower production and sent all contestants home.

Olympios mentioned openly that they felt “victimized,” while Jackson stated his “character” had been “assassinated.”

“As I am very grateful for that chance to possess been a participant around the Bachelor, even though I had been asked to go back to Bachelor In Paradise when production started again, I professionally made a decision to not return.”

It had been pressed back, however, after Olympios and Jackson got very drunk… then got naked inside a pool together… after which experienced some seriously raunchy action.

This ceremony was filmed on Next Month.

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