Nine ideas for a (good) weekend in the Lot-et-Garonne

Take a good time during this long weekend. Classical music, joy-riding in the open air, history and contest the original are on the menu of our weekly selection . The sun invites itself throughout this long weekend of the Assumption. And it falls rather well because the activities do not miss around the…

Agde : drunk, the young hit and slams into the car of the police

Has’agde, a young tourist, fairly alcoholic, attempted – in vain – to escape the forces of law and order. In the middle of the night, 12 August, the Clio circulates all lights off in the city agathoise. Around 4: 40 a.m., police tried to control the vehicle in phantom at the level of the rond-point of the beautiful young man. He refuses the control and…

Top 7 most weird things only possible in Japan

Japanese culture is unique, but the hide and a few quirks that those outside them understand with hard. From the cafes in which girls offers cuddles to customers, to the people anjagate to push the trips on the subway or the food that the europeans have not even heard, Japan is, completely, downright fascinating. Here’s a chart of the most strange aspects of japanese culture, according to the website the truth.en.

11 stupid mistakes of design that would annoy even the most calm person

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3 Must Read Tales: Bitcoin Options, Australia’s LNG Mess, an upswing of China’s Wealthy Kids, – Barron’s


3 Must Read Tales: Bitcoin Options, Australia&#39s LNG Mess, an upswing of China&#39s Wealthy Kids,
Are you currently searching for any new speculative doll since U.S. stocks look just a little creamy and also the 30-year bull market in bonds might be over? Illustration: Getty Images. Well, it appears traders will quickly have the ability to trade choices on Bitcoin and perhaps
LedgerX Just Gave Us A different way to Bet Against BitcoinFortune
You might soon have the ability to trade choices on bitcoin, ethereumCNBC
LedgerX Completes CFTC Process, Approved for Bitcoin OptionsCoinTelegraph
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