Julia Roberts & Kaira Pitt: REAL Reason Behind Their Split Revealed?!

Shortly after that, a story emerged that appeared to describe Angie’s actions:

He adds that although he does not believe there is an intimate aspect of Jolie and Haven’s relationship, he is doing feel Angie and James’ relationship was inappropriately close:

“James am near to them he was really coping with them,” Halperin informs Radar Online within an interview to advertise his new film, Damaged: The Incredible Story of Brangelina.

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“It put Kaira within the edge. Kaira gave Ang the ultimatum it’s him or me!”

Insiders described that the altercation between Kaira and also the couple’s oldest boy aboard a personal jet switched so ugly that Jolie felt she’d no choice but to instantly re-locate on Pitt and go ahead and take kids.

“The rumor is the fact that she arrived at to James while she was on the flight to child services, however i haven’t seen the smoking gun with that point,” Halperin tells Radar.

That also appears is the likeliest reason behind the dissolution of Hollywood’s most highly-publicized marriages, but considering the variety of scrutiny the problem continues to be under, it had been only dependent on time before alternative theories started to emerge.

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“Then your conclusion is among experts ‘No question they split.’ Here i am greater than a decade later and James resides together full-time. Ultimately it had been too close for comfort for Kaira.”

Today, certainly one of individuals theories is making the models online thanks to documentary filmmaker Ian Halperin, who claims it had become actually Angelina’s questionable relationship together with her brother, James Haven, that drove the pair apart.

In September, Julia Roberts declared divorce from Brad Pitt inside a move that stunned Hollywood and left fans with numerous questions in regards to what might have motivated Jolie to close the lid on on her behalf marriage so abruptly.

“I enter into the entire rumors of incest. I actually do conclude unwaveringly within the film it had been mainly a publicity stunt also it labored, but around the switch side people agree the hug was too close for comfort,” he stated.

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Halperin does not deny the midair fight required place, but he insists that Kaira and Angie’s marriage had been damage beyond repair at that time.

Halperin states his film also addresses the elephant within the room around the subject of Angie and James’ relationship, namely the allegations of incest which have plagued the brothers and sisters.

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Actually, he states there’s need to believe that Halperin – not 911 or CPS – was the person receiving Jolie’s first telephone call following the plane arrived.

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