Might Face Charged with Mistreating Matt Baier: Begin to see the Photos

However, new photos that seem to show physical damage backed up by Baier during a battle might turn the tide of public opinion against Amber.

To begin with, there’s are doubts concerning the authenticity from the photos.

Regardless of the situation, it appears as if Baier is presently in the middle of a mad scramble to bury the pics.

Matt Baier Abuse Photo

On the other hand, the storyline all around the sketchy conditions all around the pics might leave frustrated TMOG viewers with the fact that Amber and Matt are generally way too all messed up to stay in rapport.

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The pics were initially tweeted by Smarty Johnson, a gossip blogger and podcast host with past digging deep to unearth the reality regarding sketchy reality stars.

Johnson also tweeted a note to Amber encouraging her to check on Baier’s phone.

Matt Baier Black Eye Photo

He began by claiming these were many years old and from the previous relationship.

It isn’t obvious who Baier is corresponding within the messages below, but he does appear to become talking about the photos that surfaced today:

We’ll help you stay updated about this developing story as increasing numbers of information opens up.

Since the planet found that Amber Portwood and Matt Baier are engaged, Teen Mother: OG obsessives happen to be encouraging Amber to chop bait and run in the relationship before time runs out.


Smarty Jones: Matt Baier Tweets

Many fans have speculated that Matt faked the pics in to gain sympathy in one of his side chicks.

It isn’t definitive proof that he’s laying (Maybe Matt introduced the Lana Turner poster with him from the prior relationship?), however it certainly does not help Matt’s situation.

However, it does not appear that everything is as similar as initially thought, also it now appears that Matt might not be entirely blameless.

Online sleuths rapidly debunked claiming everything about the the photo without anyone’s knowledge is equivalent to one which Amber published online just this past year.

Matt Baier Social Media Messages

Might Face Photos: Through Good Occasions &amp Bad

“Only a regular Tuesday, taking pills and beating one another. Quit for @mattbEPT @amberlportwood #ShesAFighter @mtv #TeenMomOG,” she captioned among the photos.

Matt Baier Proof

Pointless to state, something profoundly fishy is happening here.

Matt Baier and Amber

Meanwhile, watch Teen Mother online to help remind yourself of methods profoundly messed-up Amber and Matt’s relationship is really.

Several fans also have noticed that the glasses Matt is putting on within the first image are the same ones he wears nowadays, and not the smaller sized frames he sported in early stages in the relationship wit Amber.

Fans see Baier like a deadbeat father as well as an opportunist, who examines Amber and sees only meals ticket along with a coattail to ride.

Gary shirley and amber

Naturally, fans initially reacted towards the pics with disdain for Amber.

This is a theory that appears to become based on Jones’ recent tweets about them:

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