Agde : drunk, the young hit and slams into the car of the police

Has ‘agde, a young tourist, fairly alcoholic, attempted – in vain – to escape the forces of law and order.

In the middle of the night, 12 August, the Clio circulates all lights off in the city agathoise. Around 4: 40 a.m., police tried to control the vehicle in phantom at the level of the rond-point of the beautiful young man.

He refuses the control and takes flight

The steering wheel, the driver refuses to stop and flees, moving at a brisk pace. He is then chased by the forces of law and order. Warned by radio, the crew of the Bac (brigade tasked with fighting crime), take a position on the route of the fugitives in order to intercept it. Arrived at its height, the hit and darkens deliberately on the car of a police officer, he does not hesitate to stamp it, before attempting to re-take the flight.

Neutralized with a spray gun electric

An officer of the Bac manages to open the door of the Clio and neutralizes the suspect using a spray gun electric. Challenged, the young man, born in 1993, is heard in police custody of Agde.

Subject to a control of blood alcohol concentration, it shows a rate that rises to 0.94 mg of alcohol per litre of exhaled air, while 1,02 mg is also found on the passenger of the Clio. After its hearing, the suspect has been referred to the public prosecutor of Béziers. It will be presented in regards immediate appearance before the correctional court of Béziers on Monday afternoon.

Multiple offences

Before the justice, he will have to answer multiple misdemeanors : drunken driving, refusal to obey orders, endangerment, degradation of vehicle…

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