Aaron Hernandez: At the top of Drugs sometimes of Suicide?

Prison government bodies say the medication is notoriously hard to intercept, as a result a percentage is required to get high that it may be sent undetected with the mail.

Now, a brand new element in the 27-year-old’s tragic decision might have emerged because of a Newsweek are convinced that claims Hernandez was at the top of synthetic marijuana during the time of his dying.

Sources say Hernandez was devastated when his request to talk about a cell with Kennedy was denied, as well as in his already-fragile emotional condition, this news was greater than he might take.

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While certain key questions regarding Hernandez’s suicide happen to be clarified through the ensuing investigation, a lot more have come to light.

He had been serving a existence sentence without the potential of parole during the time of the decision, but there is hope among Hernandez’s attorneys the acquittal would improve his likelihood of being found not liable on appeal.

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The majority of individuals questions concern Hernandez’s mindset within the moments before he made the decision to hold themself hang themself having a bed sheet.

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Officials suspect that the liquid form of K2 was smuggled in to the prison by an affiliate of Hernandez’s.

Based on the report, medical investigators found proof of the drug referred to as K2 in Hernandez’s system throughout a kidney fluid screen.

It might appear unlikely that marijuana would cause anyone to place their own existence, but oftentimes, synthetic substitutes are marijuana in name only.

At some point, his attorneys planned to argue in the court that past violent occurrences have been motivated by Hernandez’s marijuana use. 

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Strangely enough, the suicide happened just days after Hernandez was found innocent on double murder charges.

Officials may never discovered the way the drug wound up in Hernandez’s possession or if it performed a job in the decision to commit suicide, but the truth that he was drunk is simply one more strange detail within an more and more macabre situation.

It has been 1 week since former Gambling tight finish and charged killer Aaron Hernandez was discovered dead in the cell at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Lancaster, Massachusetts.

An analysis continues to be launched into the way the contraband finished up in the cell.

Aaron Hernandez Commits Suicide The Web Reacts

The saddest story

A lot of the speculation about Hernandez’s final days has focused on his alleged prison romance with Kyle Kennedy, another inmate at Souza-Baranowski.

It is also been speculated that Hernandez might have experienced highly improbable reactions to THC along with other drugs because of the existence of CTE or any other brain injuries incurred around the arena.

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